Editorial - Professionalism pays off for EMBOR, especially when times are tough

The East Metro Board of Realtors held quite a celebration last week. An awards luncheon at Always Banquet Center in Conyers yielded numerous accolades for the professional Realtors who have stood out in the past year, for either professional or personal accomplishments. Awards were given for a variety of achievements, and many of those who received them are featured on the pages of our Real Estate Plus section today.

Despite what we hear about the real estate market right now, the mood at this awards ceremony was upbeat - cheerful even. There were a couple of faint references to the current economic conditions, but no one was dwelling on the tough market and no one used the "R" word (recession.)

That isn't to say that Realtors don't recognize the challenges they face. There are no Pollyannas here. But many in this organization have faced similar challenges in the past - and survived. They know what lies ahead, and they know what it takes to get through the tough times.

No, the attitude given off by this group was one of forbearance and perseverance. It's a good lesson for those who may be newcomers to the real estate business - or for any business owner facing difficult times right now. Professionalism pays off, especially when times are tough.

Current economic conditions are impacting us all in one way or another. Some have suggested we won't see an economic turnaround until the housing crisis is resolved. How long that will take is just about anybody's guess. However, according to a CNN.Money.com poll issued Friday, 60 percent of Americans polled think economic conditions in the U.S. will be "good" next year. We may not have any hard economic data to support that conclusion, but we can be hopeful. After all, as the Realtors seem to know, enthusiasm can be contagious.