Ric Latarski - Perhaps Perdue will learn a few things from the Chinese

It appears our august leader, the honorable Gov. Sonny Perdue, will take off to China as part of an international business mission.

How much actual good this will do remains to be seen, but it's a pretty good perk for the Guv. This is reportedly the 14th international trip the Guv has made while in office, and so far he has always come back. Take that for what it's worth.

It should be noted Perdue will be getting out of town just after the General Assembly is scheduled to conclude its business. How significant this is we don't know, but getting the legislators to scatter and the Guv out of the country at the same time can't be all bad.

Perdue will make the trip as part of Delta Air Lines' inaugural daily air service between Atlanta and Shanghai.

While most of us may not see a burning need for a direct flight from Atlanta to Shanghai when the airline can't get you to Nashville on time and without losing your luggage, this route is supposedly a big deal because Shanghai is a hub of international business.

Given the layoffs Delta is talking about, Perdue might not want to stay too long, because there may not be anyone to get his luggage off the plane when he gets back.

And since Delta always seems to be trying to find someone to merge with, there is also the possibility that by the time the Guv comes back Delta will be known as China Airways.

After Shanghai, the Guv will go to Beijing to open an economic development office designed to help spur trade between Georgia and the People's Republic of China.

Of course, Chinese spoken with a Southern accent could result in a trade agreement that no one understands.

I suppose the idea is to try and get China to send more stuff to the United States through various Georgia facilities, thereby getting a little piece of the economic action.

Given that everything we buy now appears to be made somewhere else - and usually in China - this would seem to be a pretty good plan.

I noted the other day I took my "Made in Taiwan" coat to a laundry and it was washed in a machine stamped "Made in China" and put on a hanger marked "Made in Indonesia."

I wanted to ask the person at the laundry if they used any product made in the U.S.A., but no one there spoke English.

Looking on the side of my new golf club, I saw a label that read: Head made in China; Shaft made in China; Grip made in China. A separate label read: Assembled in the United States. I wanted to cheer.

Lately, about the only thing I've been able to find that was made in America was Zoo Atlanta's baby panda.

Nevertheless, this trip will give the Guv a chance to tout some of the advantages of doing business in Georgia and give Perdue the chance to maybe learn a few things.

Perdue can point out air quality is so bad in Atlanta that a Chinese company opening up here would feel right at home.

He can note Georgia has a cheap labor force ready for work, assuming the law doesn't change and they all get deported.

The Guv can point out the intricate and vast transportation network designed to efficiently move products and material throughout the region.

Since China is building the world's largest dam and backing up a lot of water, this could be the perfect time to try and move Georgia's western border to just east of Chungking.

Perdue can offer tips on how to how put on the Olympic Games, since Atlanta did such a great job and has such a wonderful legacy of the event.

The Guv could even look at the way China deals with Taiwan and try to come up with a similar plan for dealing with Alabama and Florida in the water war, although there is a good chance Alabama and Florida will shoot back.

China is supposedly the next great marketplace and a country destined to be a great economic power, which is probably true as long we continue to let them make everything for us.

How much of an economic power China will be within its own border remains to be seen, when the people who are doing the manufacturing are unable to afford to buy the very products they are making.

There are a lot of questions and issues that still must be addressed when it comes to dealing with China.

So maybe now is the time to try and make a better deal. We can offer to let them keep Sonny and we'll keep the panda.

That should even up the trade balance for a while.