Newton Citizen Poll 3-22-08

"If you are thinking of voting for Democrats this November: (1) In 1993 President Bill Clinton changed the law to tax Social Security benefits paid to seniors. Every Democrat voted for it and Vice President Al Gore broke the tie vote in the Senate in his capacity as presiding officer over the Senate. (2) President Jimmy Carter changed the law to pay Social Security to non-citizen 'immigrants' even though none of them have ever paid a penny into it. (3) Congress wrote the Social Security Law so that no politician in Congress would ever have to pay into Social Security. Instead, Congress wrote a law creating a personal pension plan for themselves alone, much more beneficial and secure than Social Security. (4) Historically, votes for third-party candidates such as Ross Perot and Libertarians have helped Democrats and hurt Republicans. If Democrats try to tell you that these facts are not true, please have someone Google the Internet for verification of these facts. Please also remember to never ever re-elect any politician to any national, state, or local political office - one term at the public trough should be enough even for the very greedy. Thank you for your kind attention."

"HELLO, HELLO, HELLO CHARTER - Where were the severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings for Newton County and Covington Friday night and Saturday? We have the alert testing two to three times per week. Guess what - they don't work. No beeping, no tune to channel 8 for further details, no nothing. We were left out in the cold, or should I say the storms again. I called the Emergency Management that has a message by Trey Polk and left a message regarding this situation. We heard the sirens one time on Saturday pm. Thank goodness we had power and good TV stations (local), because Charter fell down flat on this one. People, we need to hope that if there is a next time, someone will be on their toes and not asleep. I know Charter has been slammed in this section of the paper a lot; apparently, it has not done any good. So, folks, let's keep this going so people will know it is time to do something about sloppy communications. I am sick and tired of paying what we pay to have a cable service that does not do its job. And before you say it - where we live there is no way to have Comcast, Direct TV and Dish Network. Quote 'too many trees for dish.' I guess we could cut down the trees and die of lack of oxygen. There are no cable companies offered except Charter in the Newton County and Covington area - some choice. I was told by the 911 operator she did not know why the warnings were not on TV - I needed to call Charter - Ha!! That is a joke - how can someone in East Egypt tell you anything about the storm warnings in Covington. When you call you do good to talk to someone who understands you or you understand them. Maybe we should keep the local number on Channel 8 advertising yard sales allowed on Charter - ring that bell a few times about our complaints. I am very thankful the Lord spared us from these storms. Maybe the Newton Citizen could get an interview with Charter for explanation of their shortcomings."

"Can someone please tell me why the television networks have decided that they have to bleep out the 'n' word, but that it's perfectly acceptable for my kids to hear a news clip in the morning of someone yelling out 'GD America'?"

"I have read several letters in the Newton Citizen concerning deadbeats. These people that do not pay child support are low lifes! One letter I read a dad wants to blame other people for his predicament. You cannot go through life and blame others for your mistakes! Stand up, be a man and a father. Pay the debts you owe!"

"I read the letter the mom wrote about her deadbeat dad in the March 15 issue. I feel bad for all the parents and children that suffer because of these selfish and spiteful people. Our family has been pulling together for some time helping my daughter and granddaughters. I agree with you - these deadbeats need to be labeled. I have heard too many of these stories about parents that refuse to provide for their children."

"Blake Armstrong was one of the first liquor stores opened in Covington on Elm Street. He was also killed in that building. Has anything been solved on that? Has his murder been solved? Or, please advise what day and approximately what time of the month and day that he was killed."

Editor's Note: The Citizen posed your questions concerning this murder, which took place in March 1976, to Covington Police Department Chief Stacey Cotton, and here is his response: "No, it is still open. We had a lead approximately six or more years ago and have a suspect in the case, but no evidence. We used the dive team to explore the rock quarry to see if we could find a weapon that was supposed to have been used in the murder. At this time no evidence linked any known suspect to this murder. If anyone knows of information that can be used we would gladly reopen the case in an attempt to solve it."

"Why not have at the Hub Junction or intersection have some fast food restaurants open up in that area such as Wendy's, or somewhere, instead of us having to go way up on 278. Maybe instead of so many banks, we need some little drive-through restaurants."

"I went to the Bear Creek Reservoir meeting last week. What a travesty. When will the reservoir be built? Where will the reservoir be built? What is the cost of the taxpayers of this reservoir? How much public money has already been spent? Where are the public records? Why won't the commissioners answer these questions?"

"I was just wondering - has anybody heard Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton even comment at all about the two young college students that was killed. I doubt it. I know I haven't."

"To the brain surgeon who answered my comment about alcohol being sold on Sunday in Newton County: He is absolutely right. These kind of people will buy their poison on Saturday anyway. I still believe that Sunday should be put aside for more important things, like family and, yes, church. If you don't have a family or children, maybe you should start one. When you grow old and your only companion is poison, maybe you will change your tune. Alcohol is not your friend, or maybe you have enough money for a liver transplant or have enough guts to go to a mother or father and tell them, I just killed your child because I drank too much. God bless you."