Darrell Huckaby - Alleged killer's profile ruins perfectly good sick day

I took sick sometime in the wee hours of Friday morning. I wasn't tethered-to-the-toilet, commode-hugging sick, understand. It was more like a call-in-sick-and-lie-on-the-couch-all-day kind of illness - which is exactly what I did.

It wasn't a real good sick day, y'all.

Now honesty compels me to admit that in the dead of winter I used to not mind having a little cold catch me. I would eat soup and lime Jell-O and watch "Little House on the Prairie" reruns - not minding at all the fact that I was confined to the couch on a cold, gray day.

But Friday was neither cold nor gray - well, maybe a tiny bit gray at times - but not cold. It was warm outside and that's where I wanted to be. And there were no "Little House" reruns, either - at least none that I could find on the 170 or so channels that my television picks up. So I watched the news - and what I saw on the news made me more ill than whatever bug it was that I picked up.

I don't know which station it was - one of the all-news-all-the-time deals - one with a bunch of call letters emblazoned across the screen and a pretty girl reading the Teleprompter - but they did a profile on the alleged killer of Eve Carson - and the very fact that the grinning piece of human excrement that we all saw on television and in the papers, smirking as he casually slid her bank card into an ATM machine - was on the streets and able to snuff out the life of a beautiful young woman with such a promising life ahead of her made my blood boil; and not just for a little while, either. All day long.

Let's go back to this time last week. We were all bemoaning the fact that two young coeds on two Southern college campuses had been senselessly and, seemingly randomly, murdered. The killer or killers were at large, although the authorities in Alabama insisted that they had good leads in their case. It turns out that they did and I think it was sometime Saturday that they made an arrest.

Police in North Carolina got a break in their case when they were able to secure a photograph of someone driving what they thought was Eve Carson's car trying to use Eve Carson's band card.

Let me remind you about Eve Carson.

She was a 22-year-old Athens native. Valedictorian of Clarke Central High School. President of the student body at the University of North Carolina. Traveled to some of the harshest places on earth for fun, to take care of children who had little more than the hope that someone like Eve Carson would be sent by Heaven to bring a little comfort and mercy into their lives. She was about to graduate from college and hoped to attend medical school so that she could continue to minister to children and others who needed comfort and healing.

That Eve Carson.

Now let me tell you about the creature who is accused of ending her life on a lonely residential street in Chapel Hill.

Yes, I called him a creature. I called him human excrement. I would call him a lot worse if I could get by with it.

He was 17 years old and this is what he has been charged with so far.

Two accounts of first degree murder. Yes, I said two counts. He has also been charged with the death of a 29-year-old Duke University graduate student, Abhijit Mahato.

What did Mahato do to deserve death? He made the mistake of being at home when Eve Carson's alleged killer decided to come in and steal his wallet and cell phone.

He already had charges pending on nine other crimes.


He was charged with felonies ranging from burglary to car theft to resisting arrest and had already been on probation for convictions of larceny and breaking and entering.

His alleged - I hate using that word, but have to - accomplice also has a long criminal record and the authorities were "in the process" of having his probation revoked. That should make us all feel a lot better.

The clip I saw on the news piqued my curiosity, so I got online and did a little further research in which I found out that both perpetrators, according to family friends, are really good kids who have just had a hard time and gotten a little confused. They just haven't had the breaks that others have had.

Folks were really saying that.

Well bless their hearts! Maybe the police should just turn them loose since they've had such a hard time. I would be in favor of that - as long as they would let the world know the time and place.

Reading about the previous record of these two killers and the leniency our criminal justice system has shown them, it makes you wonder, doesn't it - how many others just like them are still at large and just when the next story will break.

If I hadn't already been sick when I woke up Friday, I would have been after I finished hearing about Eve Carson's killers. I think we all should be a little bit sick.

Darrell Huckaby is a local author and educator. He can be reached at dHuck08@bellsouth.net.