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Woman dies in house fire

COVINGTON - A 70-year-old woman was found dead inside the burnt remains of a house located at 90 Emily Trace on Friday morning.

Social Circle repeals annexation Property now Newton County territory

COVINGTON - Social Circle has repealed its annexation of 1,150 acres of Newton County property, Mayor Jim Burgess said Friday.

Couple arrested on drug charges by SIU Third meth suspect arrested at home on outstanding warrants

COVINGTON - Two people were arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute Thursday afternoon following a search by agents with the Covington/Newton County Special Investigations Unit at a home on Newton Drive.

Students to take graduation tests

COVINGTON - During next week's Georgia High School Graduation Tests, high school juniors will make decisions that could affect their graduations next year.

Drug doc enters second guilty plea

COVINGTON - A former Covington doctor who previously pleaded guilty to manufacturing methamphetamine and later sought to have the plea withdrawn entered a guilty plea for a second time earlier this week.

Growing a legacy Local woman has rubbed elbows with presidents, been a produce pioneer

Editor's Note: In recognition of National Women's History Month, throughout March the Citizen will profile local women who have impacted the community in a positive way. Though many of these women's accomplishments may be mostly unsung, they have each, in their own way, made their mark on history.

Rockdale starts home schedule with a youthful lacrosse team

CONYERS - The Rockdale lacrosse team will hit the field for the first time at home today at Reid Memorial Stadium.

Seminole storm Salem boys, girls win big over Rockdale

CONYERS - The Salem soccer teams remained perfect in Region 8-AAAA South with victories over county rival Rockdale on Friday night at Reid Memorial Stadium.

Darrell Huckaby - Alleged killer's profile ruins perfectly good sick day

I took sick sometime in the wee hours of Friday morning. I wasn't tethered-to-the-toilet, commode-hugging sick, understand. It was more like a call-in-sick-and-lie-on-the-couch-all-day kind of illness - which is exactly what I did.

Bill Shipp - How to shut up a liberal, and lose an election

If Sen. John McCain shocked the world and decided to pick disgraced New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer as his running mate ...

Newton Citizen Poll 3-15-08

"I went to the meeting for the Bear Creek Reservoir Thursday night. The first half of the meeting was very informative. Unfortunately, when it was time for the public to ask questions, all of the special interest groups took charge. You had one group who wanted Newton County to buy water from them ,which would be pumped from the South River, so they could make their fortune off of the county. Then there was a Jasper County commissioner who wants Newton County to use that same pump station so Newton County can bear the cost of getting that water to the Jasper County border. You remember that this is the same Jasper County who wanted to be a part of the Bear Creek Reservoir project but just didn't want to put up any of the money to build it. Why was this Jasper County commissioner at this meeting? He was afraid the reservoir would lower the property values on Jackson Lake, which would be of real concern to him since that is where his home is. This commissioner was given an editorial space in the Newton Citizen. He praises Fulton County for recycling their water but fails to mention what will happen to the South River when DeKalb County does the same and stops putting 40 mgd back into the river. I hope the Citizen will have someone do a rebuttal to his column. There was also a man who didn't want the reservoir built because he didn't want more people to move here. I'm sure glad he is not part of the Planning Commission. None of us would have water in the future. I could not believe all of the false accusations against Newton County officials in that meeting. When all was said and done, very few of us who had real and viable questions had a chance to speak. I have no special interests in this project, but I do believe it is a positive move for the county. And shame on everyone who spoke out solely to put on a show in front of our guests, the Corp of Engineers."

Letter - Georgia rides to the Capitol

On Tuesday, 35 avid cyclists participated in the "Georgians Ride to the Capitol" event by riding from Covington and Conyers to the Georgia Capitol in downtown Atlanta and back. They were accompanied by Mayor Kim Carter of Covington and Conyers City Councilman Vince Evans. Fifteen-hundred other riders and their mayors from more than 30 towns around the metro Atlanta area met us at the Capitol. The purpose of the ride was to promote cycling as viable transportation. As I rode along in our peloton, it occurred to me that we were riding for two more reasons.

Dave Williams - Push against illegal immigration losing steam

The bloom is off the rose when it comes to cracking down on illegal immigration in Georgia.

Eastside falls to Madison Co.

COVINGTON - The Eastside baseball team put itself in a hole too deep to dig out of in their 9-3 loss to Madison County on Friday.

Pats' streak continues with 10-0 victory

CONYERS - The Heritage baseball team rolled to its sixth straight Region 8-AAAA win Friday as they defeated Winder-Barrow 10-0 in five innings at Danny Blue Field.

Rockdale Citizen Poll 3-15-08

Funny that the Citizen does an article on the Rotary Club and titles it Service above Self. The irony is that Wales Barksdale is in the photo and "Service Above Self" is above the picture. For the citizens that do not know, Wales Barksdale is on the school board and leases two buildings on West Avenue for ridiculous amounts of money per year. The bad thing is the Citizen has done an article about this and I'm the only one that wrote in about it. I call it a conflict of interest, anyone else?

Lady Pats take first loss in PKs

CONYERS - Heritage's soccer squads battled to a split with Loganville on Friday at Evans Memorial Stadium.

Jack Simpson - Ants appear to be a widespread problem

Time can be a moment, an hour, a month, a year or a decade. Whatever it is, it seems endless as it rushes by. I've been writing this column since the late 1970s. It is a long time, yet it seems like only yesterday when I began.

State patrol cars crash during chase

CONYERS - Two Georgia State Patrol troopers wrecked their patrol cars during a car chase on Salem Road on Wednesday that resulted in the arrest of a man suspected of assaulting a Newton County Sheriff's Office deputy.

Duke knocks Tech out of ACC tournament

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Jon Scheyer scored 18 points and No. 7 Duke beat Georgia Tech 82-70 on Friday night in the Atlantic Coast Conference quarterfinals.