Letter - Parents must take responsibility for rearing their children

To the Editor:

In the past week, two more young lives have been taken from us for needless reasons. These two young ladies were excellent students and had families and friends that loved them beyond measure. But, because of reasons that we'll never know, someone made a choice to take their lives from them.

What is going on in our society today? We read daily in our local newspapers of youth getting involved in things that we never would have thought of 20 years ago. And where are the parents of these young people? Why are we not being the parents that we are called to be by teaching our children to respect others and their property? I hear more and more of the laziness and disrespect of children in our school systems. And when they get into trouble at school, it MUST be the teacher's fault, because "my child wouldn't do that."

Come on parents, step up to the plate! Our children did not ask to be brought into this world and it is our responsibility as their parents to teach them and lead them to be productive citizens of this country. They need to be taught respect for others, good work ethics, and a sense of pride in what they do. It's our responsibility to make sure that their homework is done, that they are not wearing inappropriate clothing to school, and that they are not involved in things that they shouldn't be. Do you even know who their friends are? Do you know what is on their MySpace or Facebook pages? Check it out, you may be surprised!

My prayer is that parents will start being parents to their children and not their best friend. We will be held accountable one day to God; He's going to want to know why we didn't teach them well.

Diane Byrd