Letter - Take the time to know the real Clara Lett

To the editor:

Over the last few weeks you have been running some stories about my friend Clara Lett. I realize that you have to run the troubled stories, along with the great stories that you have ran in the past.

At this point in time, I would like to give your current readers, and the new readers, a look at Pastor Lett's true identity. I have been a volunteer for more than six years at Rainbow Community Center, and I truly know how she has changed my life, and the THOUSANDS OF OTHERS that she has helped throughout the years.

The truth is that Clara does not receive a paycheck for the service that she provides at the shelter, and throughout the community. She has defeated great odds during this time of of service, oppression by Porterdale, ridicule, and threats by the neighbors, and most of all financial hardships, but she continues to meet these challenges head-on because God has placed this vision deep within her heart.

Please don't allow this one little incident to form your judgment on who Clara Lett is and what she is truly doing for this community. On the other hand, how about you coming down and spend a day, week, or a month, to see who she is.

You will see that my friend Clara Lett is a great person.

Dale Warren