Health reports 3-11-08

The following food service establishment inspection reports were provided by the Environmental Health Division of the Newton County Health Department. As of Dec. 1, the Environmental Health Division implemented new regulations that include both a letter grade and numeric score. The current form, along with the two most recent inspection reports, must be visibly posted within 15 feet of the establishment's main entrance and drive-thru windows.

· Town House Cafe, 95/A, 1145 Washington St., Date: Feb. 3.

Violations: Clean caps and nozzles on coke machine. Post most recent inspection report.

· Alcovy High School, 100/A, 14567 Ga. Highway 36, Date: Feb. 14.

· Premier Pizza and Pasta, 64/U, 13015 Brown Bridge Road, Date: Feb. 21.

Violations: Employee handled pizza toppings (ready to eat food) without gloves - must wear gloves. Need written employee health policy. Employee cups without lids and straws in food prep area. Eggs in cooler above ready to eat foods - store on lowest shelf; bacon stored in walk in above lettuce - separate all meats from produce and store on lowest shelf. Slicer needs to be washed, rinsed and sanitized. All chemical bottles need label with name of bottle; chemicals need to be stored away from food prep areas. Wiping cloths must be kept in sanitizer solution when not in use. Need "No Smoking" sign on front door. Toothpicks must be individually wrapped or single use service. Seal hand sinks to walls in kitchen.

· Merryvale Assisted Living, 78/C, 11980 Ga. Highway 142, Date: Feb. 21.

Violations: Keep eggs separated from produce. Date mark all potentially hazardous commercially processed foods. Keep all chemicals stored separate from dry food storage - corrected. Keep bulk food scoop handles out of product. Keep all wiping cloths in sanitizer solution when not in use. Keep single service articles-plates 6 inches off floor. Keep personal items stored away from food storage - corrected.

· Scoops, 92/A, 1131 Church St., Date: Feb. 22.

Violations: Employee health policy - need written policy - corrected. Need digital thermometer to test temperatures. Need "No Smoking" sign on front door - corrected.

· Applebee's, 94/A, 5176 Ga. Highway 278, Date: Feb. 25.

Violations: Keep sanitizer buckets 6 inches off floor. Keep wiping cloths in sanitizer solution when not in use. Seal threshold at base of back door.

· C.R. Bard, 87/B, 8195 Industrial Blvd., Date: Feb. 27.

Violations: Keep eggs separated from ready to eat foods; keep hamburger meats separate from ready to eat ham, roast beef, etc. - corrected. Need digital thermometer. Need coffee stirrers to be individually wrapped; store self service containers upside down.