Pit bull attacks boy, 10

COVINGTON - A Covington man was issued a citation for reckless conduct last week after his pit bull allegedly attacked a 10-year-old boy.

Around 3 p.m. Wednesday, authorities responded to a residence on Chestnut Drive inside the Chestnut Corners subdivision after receiving a call about a child being bitten by a dog, Deputy Shane Britt said in an incident report.

Newton County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman investigator Sharron Stewart said the dog reportedly jumped the fence of its owner, Corey Stringer, 32, and attacked the boy as he was getting off of the school bus.

The victim sustained injuries to his face and arms and was taken to the hospital to receive treatment.

The dog was taken into custody by Newton County Animal Control, Stewart said.

Authorities advise children who encounter an aggressive dog to:

· stand still with your arms to the side

· don't stare the dog in the eye

· don't scream or yell, and

· wait for the animal to leave.

If you are knocked to the ground by an animal, it is recommended that you not scream, but roll into a ball to make yourself as small as possible and to put

your hands over your head and ears.

Children who happen to have a backpack or other object in their grasp at the time of an attack are advised to offer it to the animal because it sometimes causes it to be distracted long enough for them to get away.

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