Health Reports 3-4-08

The following food service establishment inspection reports were provided by the Environmental Health Division of the Newton County Health Department. As of Dec. 1, the Environmental Health Division implemented new regulations that include both a letter grade and numeric score. The current form, along with the two most recent inspection reports, must be visibly posted within 15 feet of the establishment's main entrance and drive-through windows.

· Nagoya, 33-U, 1065 Access Road, Date: Feb. 1

Violations: Employees not practicing proper handwashing. Employee drinks above prep cooler with no lid or straw. Handwash sink used improperly - do not wash food in sink. Need to separate raw meats from vegetables in walk-in. Need to store chicken beneath seafood in walk-in. Hibachi meats stored improperly on plates. Raw fish stored beside cooked fish. Employee did not wash, rinse, sanitize stainless bowl after holding raw meats and mushrooms. The vegetable sink was dirty. Ice machine needs cleaning. Moldy vegetables in walk-in. Cooked fried rice not held at proper temperature. Need consumer advisory posted. Canned goods out of date. Medicines and chemicals stored with food products. Bulk food containers unlabeled. Shrimp and scallops thawed improperly. Wiping cloths not kept sanitized between uses. Permit/inspection notice not properly displayed. No hand-wash reminder signs at all hand sinks. Employees wearing bracelet and/or watch. "No Smoking" sign was not posted. Knives holders unclean. Meats stored in grocery bags. Linens stored on floor at Hibachi cabinets. Spoons and knives stored improperly in bar area. Employee rinsed gloves off at hand sink. Hibachi carts unclean. Interior surfaces of walk-in refrigerator unclean. Vegetable sink drain pipe not connected. Back flow at three-compartment sink not air gaped. Multiple lights at multiple Hibachi grills not shielded. Employee personal items stored with foods in kitchen.

· GA Foods, 100-A, 15151 Prater Drive, Date: Feb. 4

· World of Wings, 68-U, 5340 Ga. Highway 20, Date: Feb. 5

Violations: Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods. Keep meats separate in refrigerator. Wings warmed at improper temperature. Date mark all potentially hazardous commercially processed foods after opening. Need digital thermometer for checking temperatures. Knives and spoons and other single-service items need to be stored with handles up or individually packaged. Need test strips for sanitizer. Clean ceiling and fans in walk-in cooler.

· Starbucks, 91-A, 3700 Salem Road, Date: Feb. 7

Violations: Need written health policy for employees on site. Do not store items in handsink. Need digital thermometer to check temperatures. Move inspection report to 15 feet of front door and posted 5 to 7 feet high. Need choking poster posted in or near sitting area. Need "No Smoking" sign on front door. Need coffee stirrers to be individually wrapped.

· Bella's Italian Restaurant, 85-B, 2158 Ga. Highway 81 N., Date: Feb. 11

Violations: Separate pork from ground beef. Keep medicines out of food prep areas.

· GG'S Pizza & Wings, 69-U, 9148 U.S. Highway 278, Date: Feb. 12

Violations: Need handwashing signs at

all handsinks, including restrooms. Need towels at handsink in kitchen. Employees must wash hands before putting on gloves. Must store meats on lowest shelves. Raw eggs stored above ready-to-eat foods in walk-in. Consumer advisory must be posted. Chemicals stored with food storage - need separate location for chemical storage. Must keep sanitizer buckets 6 inches clearance from floor. Label all foods in cooler with common name. Manager needs digital thermometer for checking temperatures. Need thermometers in all coolers. All wiping cloths must be kept in sanitizer solution while not in use. Need "No Smoking" sign on front door. Repair bathroom floor tiles in ladies' restroom. Fees of $100 for reinspection have to be paid prior to inspection.