Newton Citizen Poll 3-1-08

"I noticed someone on the 16th took offense because Charter Cable is raising their rates. I fully agree with them. The city of Covington has gone their normal route, making a dollar any way they can. The service is no better. Reception on some of the higher channels wasn't all that great, but Charter changed that. They took away some channels in addition to raising the rates and decided we need more Latin and sports channels. What a novel idea, in addition to raising the rates up front the only way to get some of the channels you once had and liked is to purchase a higher priced package ... Can anyone suggest a really good satellite company?"

"I saw in the Feb. 23 edition poll where people were complaining about smaller towns and counties getting movie theaters and major retail development, and I agree that our chamber isn't doing enough and that they really should make it known what they are doing if anything and just to throw some gas on the fire Dawson County is about to get a 1.1 million-square-foot mall. I know Dawsonville is growing, but we already have way more people than they do and we can't even get a Target store, our elected leaders need to quit playing second fiddle to Rockdale and really try to get our own retail developments, because this shop local crap on the Square they want us to participate in just doesn't cut it for me because I really have no problem spending my money in Rockdale. It's only a 10-minute drive if that's how they want it. Loganville is next to Gwinnett, and if they can get someone to build there when Grayson and Snellville is right next door, why can't we get someone to build here even though Conyers is right next door? So come election time please help me vote in people who put more emphasis on the future and not the past like our current leaders do."

"Glad to see health inspections of local restaurants have become more stringent. Inspectors need to check establishments' dishwashers to make sure they work properly, as too much grime and crusty food gets left on silverware and dishes. In parts of Florida, any food service worker must go to their local Health Department for a blood test and carry a card indicating they've been tested for any type disease before being employed by a food service organization. Also, some establishments will not allow people to handle food, then turn around and handle money because of the germs. Many locations have a cashier. I am a little concerned about some buffet restaurants that charge as you enter and when you pay, the cashier hands you the number of plates you have paid for. Handling filthy money, then handling consumers' plates should not be allowed."

"I know this was about two weeks ago but I just got around to reading it about teachers being overpaid. Are you kidding me? Teachers deserve more than what they are getting paid. I'm 21 years old so I haven't been out of high school long, and let me tell you I felt sorry for those teachers with some of those students they had. If I had to 'babysit' kids like that, I would quit. I noticed in school with the problem children teachers got no support from the parents. Hey parents, look at your kids before you blame the teachers. Oh wait, that would mean you would have to take responsibility for your kids. All I have to say is thank you to the teachers that haven't given up and take the time with their students. You are the reason there are still doctors, teachers, and good people in the world."

"Thank you for the new restaurant grading system for Newton County. It is long overdue. I have often wondered how some of these residents maintain their business when the restaurant is so dirty."

"Just finished reading another tale from the book of fables from the city of Covington on making more green space. When I first started reading I told my husband, 'The city may be planning it, but the county will pay.' I am so tired of the socialites of Covington dreaming up more ways to make Covington the showplace of the South. They can think of more ways to spend our tax money than we can pay for in my lifetime. Anyone can clearly see this is just another amenity for the elite of Covington to go for a walk and admire nature. Most of these people who will be using these trails are those who sold their homes and moved into town so they won't have to take care of large tracts of land, where they once could enjoy outdoors. The descendants of the founders of Covington, Newton County, act as though they are the lords and ladies and the rest of us are their slaves to serve their every whim."

"Last week the Citizen ran a humorous editorial about Sen. David Chaffer's bill wanting to shift the Tennessee border a little further north so Georgia could have access to the Tennessee river and its water. I agree with Ric Latarski, the writer of the editorial, that the idea is preposterous; however, I wonder if there might be any merit to the idea of negotiating with Tennessee to buy the water, pay the state or local government for access to their abundance. Is this a possibility?"

"I am commenting about the article in the paper about all the delinquent taxpayers, and I think their names should be published in the paper just like child abusers, because what they are doing to the government and the honest citizens by not paying, and some of these people who are not paying are senators and business owners and everyone else, and I think we should know who criminals are who are not paying their taxes. Let everybody know; put their picture in the paper if you have to."

"I was always taught not to play in the streets or out in the road, but now all these churches and organizations put their kids out at these busy intersections selling doughnuts, small kids. Watch for that."

"On the deadbeat dad signs that were put up all around Covington. Are these signs a way of saying Keep Covington/Newton County Beautiful or will there be criminal charges stemming from this? All those signs detract from scenery and it is done with malicious intent and a disgrace for city and county roads."

"To all you religious nuts against alcohol sales on Sunday, just read Luke 22: verses 17-20 King James Version."

"To those who might have seen the signs dedicated to me on my birthday by my recent ex-wife, I am the deadbeat dad, although I don't want to be. I was asked to leave my home and children that I was helping to raise, basically so someone else could take my place. I am now paying $85 a week to stay in the work release program from a $7-an-hour-plus hour job about what is left I pay for back support doesn't leave much on future support. Before divorce proceedings, I had much better job, but one thing or another led to job loss. I am doing the best I can with what I have got. I have to use my parents' car to get back and forth to work, also eat meals there because there is not money for necessities. This is the reason I am a deadbeat dad, but I don't want to be, but I don't need the harassment either."

"I would like to take a moment to congratulate my 1976 NCCHS classmate Willie Hawk on his retirement and personally thank him for his 31 years of service to our country."

I went into the home depot in Covington about a month ago and the service was outstanding. The sales people there were really nice. I asked to speak to their manager to tell them what a great job the store was doing and how well the young lady helped me, so the manager comes out and I brag about how friendly the girl was and he just says thanks man and walks off! Didn't tell the girl great job or anything. I couldn't believe it when I told the girl how I thought that was rude she said she was used to it and management wasn't the caring type. I wrote a letter to their main office and still haven't gotten a response yet. You know what is a shame in this country is management thinks they're better then everyone else so they don't have to reward others. The workers and sales people are the ones who do most of their work. I don't see management loading my 20 bales of pine straw.