Letter - Hats off to Doug Holt

To the editor:

If we wonder where the famed statesmen of yore have disappeared, we might look no further than state Rep. Doug Holt.

In this week's column, "Don't pass the buck on sales tax," he steps up to the plate and accepts the blame for the Legislature not having done its job in years gone by to set and maintain the state's top priorities: transportation and education. He decries the current move by House leadership to place a referendum on raising transportation taxes 1 percent before the voters.

Instead, he believes the Legislature has the power and, more importantly, the responsibility to address funding issues and not simply to pass the buck to the voters. He admits to being under intense pressure to go along with leadership but is gamely standing his ground. He speaks like a true statesman when he says the state's leadership has not done its job in keeping up with the demands in the areas of transportation and education funding and points to options for addressing the crises. These are tough times for principled legislators under the Gold Dome. My hat is off to Doug Holt.

Barbara M. Morgan