On the beat: Pills found in car, driver sent to jail

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

A man and his buddy were parked with their lights off on a dirt road in Newton County about 11 p.m., arousing a Newton County Sheriff's Office deputy's suspicions, especially when he saw the driver stuffing something down between the seats. The driver told him they were out looking at a camper somebody had for sale.

The deputy asked for his driver's license and he said he didn't have it with him, but moments later he admitted, "Sir, I'm not going to lie. It's suspended."

The driver was arrested for driving on a suspended license. Next the deputy began questioning the passenger, who had difficulty walking and had to hang on to the car to remain erect. He admitted to drinking "much earlier in the day." It was soon discovered he had outstanding warrants against him, and he was arrested, as well.

The driver gave the deputy permission to search the vehicle, assuring him there was nothing illegal there. But, alas, the deputy discovered Xanax in an unmarked container - 29 pills with a street value the passenger estimated to be about $87.

As the story unfolded, the passenger admitted the pills belonged to him and that he acquired them from some nameless individual he really didn't know. He said he was giving the pills to the driver to try out and had no intention of selling them to him. The deputy was skeptical after he found that what the driver was stuffing down between the seats was $80 in cash. The driver said he kept his money there so his wife couldn't find it.

Insurance woes

A man called the NCSO to report he arrived home to find someone on his roof. The deputy spoke with the climber, who explained he was an insurance adjuster who had gone to the wrong address.

· A resident called the NCSO to complain that he had paid a roofing company $2,000 to roof his house, but the only thing they had done was throw out three packages of shingles in his yard. He said when he called the company, they told him someone would come later to do the work, but no one had showed up yet. He told deputies he was going to report the incident to his insurance company.

Lover's revenge

A man reported to the NCSO he had moved out of his girlfriend's Gwinnett County residence about three weeks earlier and had recently received a text message from her stating, "I have your IRS check. It went to pay for the insurance. The rest is in the trash." He wanted to file a report on the incident.

· A man was arrested after he bashed his wife's lover's truck with a baseball bat. It seems he came home, found the two in bed together (with all their clothes on) and became irate. When the lover attempted to leave, the husband struck the back of his truck with a baseball bat, damaging the left rear taillight. The husband also allegedly threatened to kill the lover.

Burgled socks

A Covington gas station owner notified the CPD that the Plexiglass front door of the building was broken out when she arrived at work. Surveillance tape footage showed a black man, wearing a shirt over his head, enter the store about 2:30 a.m. and take approximately $20 worth of white socks.


A driver was stopped by an NCSO deputy for running a stop sign. The deputy said the driver was unusually nervous at having been stopped and he noticed when he was talking with him, his teeth were clenched.

The deputy asked the driver to exit the vehicle and he did so, but refused to look at the deputy. "I asked him to look at me. I noticed he was chewing while he was talking to me and I could smell an odor of raw marijuana coming from his breath," the deputy reported.

When the deputy ordered the man to open his mouth, he only began to chew faster. The deputy grabbed the man's jaw and told him to spit it out. When the man finally complied, it turned out he was chewing a "green leafy substance," otherwise known as marijuana. The man was arrested for possession of marijuana, less than an ounce, and tampering with evidence.