Newton Citizen Poll 6/21/2008

Reminder to our readers: The Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments on individual candidates seeking election. Comments either for or against any candidate will be deleted from the poll. If you would like to make a comment regarding a candidate, please write a letter to the editor.

"Dear Rockdale and Newton Citizen, I wanted to take a second to sincerely thank you and sports writer Manny Fils for giving us the great recognition on the front page of the Sports section. It is truly wonderful to have such support from the local newspaper. I would like to add to the article by giving recognition to the players whose names were not mentioned - Andrew Rodriquez for scoring the go-ahead goal verses the Cobb Stingrays to put us in the finals; Sam Moore for stepping up his game during both district and state play; and to the rest of the players not mentioned - Angel Espinoza, Austin Banks, and OJ Mair. I would also like to say to both Tyler and Sebastian Merelo while you guys are not the shining stars of the team, you both are stars. Tyler, not only for his wonderful play on the field, but also his willingness to play any position and leadership on the sidelines and Sebastian for great disposition, both on and off the field, and great defensive blocking. This team is truly a team. Everyone contributed to every win in some way and to getting us to the state championship. I am so proud of you all. Next year, we move up to U16. Hopefully, RYSA will not break us up as planned but, if so, we'll find another sponsor organization. But, you all will see us again, I promise. And, hopefully next year, we'll make the front page again! Again, thank you Rockdale and Newton Citizen and Manny for giving the boys the recognition they deserve! Sincerely, Coach Casey Duren, U14 Chaos."

"What? Are you kidding me? Please tell me that Superior Court Judge Johnson and Assistant DA Melanie McCrory did not let this man walk with a slap on the hand. Please tell me this was a joke. No wonder he allegedly targeted another child. Let's hope this time the punishment fits the crime. Seems to me that Judge Johnson and Ms. McCrory should be held accountable for this second child being molested, and what about this supervisor who was watching this child? Shouldn't she be held accountable as well? My heart goes out to the families of these two children and to these two little girls. Come on and get a grip Judge Johnson and Ms. McCrory - do your job and put child predators away so that other children will be safe."

"To the people who stopped after a dog ran out in front of their car: God bless you! A few days after this past Thanksgiving our very much loved chocolate Lab got loose from his leash and before we could get him back across the street he got hit by a car that was flying down our street. Not only did one car hit him but a second car hit him. Neither car stopped, even after they heard and I'm sure saw my son and I fall to the ground in shock and disbelief. My family was in depression for a long time. It took me at least six months to go in our back yard where he was buried. For all those who travel Brown Bridge Road, please slow down. The speed limit is 45 not 65! That could have been a child! Thank you."

"To the person who thinks the word 'minority' is negative, you just slammed a 'negative' title on many, many Americans. However, the thing that gets me about your post is ... 'that would be saying Obama is less than perfect.' News flash - he is less than perfect! This thinking is what will result in a president who hasn't the experience or the time served to be awarded the title of president of the United States. Go ahead, vote based on color and see where we are in four years ... we are moving backwards when it comes to race."

"Iraqis want American and Aggie troops to leave their country. Obama wins!"

"To the cold-hearted (person), on Victoria Boulevard who hit and killed my children's puppy and didn't stop, on Sunday, June 15: I hope that one day you feel the grief that my children are now feeling. I'm sure it was an accident and that our pet ran out in front of you, but you could have had enough respect and (courage) to stop and tell us so that my 7-year-old daughter would not have been the one to find her beloved animal dead in front of our house. She has cried until she can't cry anymore. Next time, please have the respect to stop and let someone know that you accidentally hit their pet so that another child may be spared the nightmares she is now having from seeing her puppy in that state. We love and miss you Bingo!"

"I wanted to comment on the voters league forum held Monday night. I was so disappointed that more people did not turn out. Ninety-four thousand people live in Newton County but only 150 people could take the time to come listen to potential candidates. People, we are about to have a new sheriff whose salary is approximately a dollar per resident. Again, 94,000 residents? Not only that but most of the 150 came in support of a candidate. So, they were not even interested voters, just candidates' families and friends. Where were all the people who have been in the poll complaining about our candidates? You missed out on a great discussion. July 15 is fast approaching. Here's to hoping that our 94,000 residents take time to go vote."

"The last poll had a compelling read about how a good Samaritan tried to find help for a dog that ran out in front of their car. I bet most of us don't know what to do or who to call. Would the Citizen print an article on what to do when you hit an animal on the roadway? Suppose you are away from home, say several counties or states away? What is the protocol?"

Editor's Note: We suggest you contact the police. They will be able to direct you to an emergency animal hospital and help you find the owners.

"With gas prices as high as they are and rising, why are so many county employees driving their work vehicles home? I also notice several out-of-county vehicles in various subdivisions. These people should drive their personal vehicles like everyone else has to do to get to work. What a waste of taxpayer money."

"Hats off to the commissioners for not raising my taxes. Seems like you read where a city or county is in trouble every week and thinking about cutting services like fire services in Eastpoint. Government has a No. 1 priority for providing public safety services. It seems that this economic meltdown is affecting everything, and I am thankful Newton is in better shape than most. It reflects the good job our leaders are doing."

"To Mayor Carter: Go to Wal-Mart and get some tables, chairs and a desk. They make some fine furniture. I have a wall unit I purchased for under $200. Who are you trying to impress? My guess - people visiting the city are trying to sell you something and by showcasing furnishings for your Covington Taj Mahal office you are sending the message you like the finer things in life. This mentality would be OK - except you are not spending your money. It's the taxpayers' money. Thank God someone has some sense and the furniture buying bonanza is going to bid."

"I wanted to make a comment on the Sunday paper. I wanted to thank you for putting some 'good news' in the paper for a change. It was really refreshing to see about these kids, these volunteers, working on the lady's house instead of hearing something bad about kids getting into trouble, robbing, killing. This was really a nice story that was on the front page."

"I am calling in regards to the Newton County Rec Department baseball policy. I think it is unfair that these children have been out in this heat playing and you come to a three-way tie in the minor leagues. They are all 12-3 or 11-3, and they decide there will not be three first-place teams because they don't have the trophies or however they decide to do it. These kids have worked hard and you decide who's first, second and third by the teams who have beat the other teams of the other three losses. I think that is appalling. These children don't know the difference. Lke one child said, 'If you do the math it all comes out we are all 12-3, so why shouldn't we all get a first place trophy?' That is my opinion for the week. Newton County Rec explain it to those children who have been out there in the rain and sun playing their little hearts out."