Man arrested at Scout Camp

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

COVINGTON - Newton County Sheriff's Office deputies were summoned to Burt Adams Boy Scout Camp on the afternoon of June 13 when the camp ranger reported that a man had been taking photos of the Scouts without authorization and was refusing to leave the property, according to an incident report completed by Deputy M.E. Roberts.

The complainant said that he saw a Dodge Caravan being driven by the suspect and noticed that he was taking pictures of the campers while they were playing ball. He said when he approached the suspect and asked him about what he was doing, he became upset and began cussing.

The suspect, Paul Douglas Mason Hale of 455 Railroad St., Flovilla, was still at the camp when the deputy arrived and he told the deputy he was just taking pictures and refused to leave the camp because of the ranger's "attitude."

The deputy ran a check on Hale through GCIC and discovered he had two outstanding warrants - one for failure to appear in Henry County and a probation violation in Cobb County. Hale was arrested and taken to the Newton County Detention Center.

Seizing the opportunity

A woman complained to NCSO deputies that the person she had asked to keep a check on a house for her had moved in without permission. The matter will be turned over to civil authorities.

Food fight

A man living on Lott Street complained to the Covington Police Department that his neighbor had entered his yard and threatened to "bust" his head. When the neighbor was asked about his reason for doing that, he explained that the complainant kept coming into his yard and feeding his pets, despite being asked not to do so. He said one of his dogs is now so ill that he will require treatment by the vet. The officer advised both parties to stay away from each other and not to hand out food to pets.

Bike flight

CPD officers were called to a residence on Avery Street to find a woman holding a juvenile on the floor, waiting for them to arrive to take him into custody. She said he had come to the front door of her house and rang the bell. When he didn't receive an answer, the youngster went to the back yard and got on a bicycle there and attempted to ride away. The woman gave chase, however, and caught up with him, dragging him back to her house. She also described a second suspect who was with the youngster and both juveniles were charged with theft by taking.

Money, honey

A man called the NCSO to complain that while he was sleeping his girlfriend stole $1,250 from his pants pocket.

· Another man went to CPD headquarters to report that his mother had taken his unemployment check and refused to give it to him.

· Another man told CPD officers that he had allowed his girlfriend to live with him and she stole $450 from him. He did not know the woman's last name, but said she was from Gwinnett County.

Marijuana crop

A Wildlife Federation employee checking water samples at Snapping Shoals Creek on Brown Bridge Road called the NCSO to report he had spotted what he believed was a marijuana plant. Deputies confirmed that the plant, which was next to a bucket in the middle of a small island, was indeed marijuana. The plant was pulled up and taken as evidence.

Fuel spill

After filling up with gas, a man drove away from the gas tanks at a convenience store on Ga. Highway 36, forgetting to remove the nozzle from his gas tank. The pump was damaged and $38 in fuel was spilled onto the ground.

'Look Ma, no hands'

An NCSO deputy was alerted to a possible drunk driver when he saw a woman driving a BMW convertible with the top down, driving very fast and playing very loud music, raising her hands in the air and looking over at the shoulder of the road as she passed him. He stopped her and she was charged with multiple violations.

Out of luck

A woman lost her driver's license while riding in a locally owned cab. When she called the cab company, they acknowledged the driver's license had been found in the cab; however, the cab had since been stolen and the license went with it.

Lending a hand

A CPD officer said he saw a disabled vehicle on Ga. Highway 142 near Wheat Street. He asked the driver where he was going so he could assist him by giving him a push. The driver told him to push him across the street to Wellington Ridge Apartments. Out of an abundance of caution, the officer ran the tag on the vehicle and asked the driver for his license. He said he noticed a slight hesitation on the driver's part to give him the license and it soon became apparent why. His license was suspended. The driver was arrested and charged with driving on a suspended license.

No sidewalk

A man told a CPD officer he was walking down the middle of a road on his way home from the Waffle House because there was no sidewalk. The officer was convinced it was because the man was drunk. He was charged with public intoxication.

Wrecked in DeKalb

A man said he was staying with some friends at an apartment and a woman there had asked him several times during the night if she could take his car to the store. He told NCSO deputies he had told her no. When he got up, the vehicle was missing. The next day he learned she had apparently taken the car anyway - it was discovered wrecked in DeKalb County.