Campaign focuses on youth, elderly

COVINGTON - Democrat Gabe White is running on a platform built almost entirely from his desire to help the young and old in the community.

"I saw a need for change in our neighborhood, and I see some things we should have and we don't have," said White, who is running for District 3 county commissioner. "My platform is trying to bring more for the youth and for the elderly ... I would love to try to get a youth center as well as somewhere for the elderly to go."

White said he'd like to see the county get involved with providing activities such as after-school programs for young people.

"Kids have nothing to do unless they can afford to go to the Y(MCA)," he said.

White said his other concern is bringing more jobs to the area and recruiting more commercial development.

White is a Newton County native and a graduate of Newton High School. He formerly worked for the Covington Police Department and is an employee of Mid-South Lumber in Lithonia.

White is a member of Early Hope Baptist Church, where he participates in the outreach program. He has a wife, Angela, and three children.

"I just ask voters to give me an opportunity to go in and get my feet wet and learn the job. Like I said at the (Voter's League) forum, there are no big I's or little u's. I want people to be able to get in touch with me and tell me what our neighborhood needs so we can try to be creative and figure out a way to get those things in our neighborhood. I don't want to say, like some politicians, that I can do it and then I don't. I don't want to make any promises that I can't uphold," he said.

White will be up against Jimmy Clark Jr.; Andre Cooper; Victor Etefia and Nancy Schulz in the July 15 primary.

Matthew Eason and Keith Mitcham are running on the Republican ticket.

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