Newborn weeds out junk cars

COVINGTON - The Newborn Town Council is cracking down on residents who park junk cars on their properties, mailing letters to offenders and giving them seven days to move the vehicles before the town does it for them.

"We have an ordinance about parking any car in town that does not have a license or insurance or is not in running condition," said Councilman James King.

King said there are several residences where wrecked cars or cars that aren't working have been parked for months.

"If you don't do something, the first thing you know, everybody's got a junkyard in their yard. We're trying to keep the town clean," he said.

"Some of them have been there for months. It's not just something that was parked yesterday," he added.

Town Clerk Lisa Rowe said six letters have been mailed so far, and a few more will be sent out soon. The letters notify residents they must remove the vehicles within seven days or the town will remove them at their expense. Residents will receive 48 hours notice before the vehicles are removed, Rowe said.

King said the junk vehicles are more than just unsightly: Rodents can listen inside them and create a health hazard.

"We're not trying to single out anybody or trying to be hard on anybody. This is an ordinance we all need to live by," he said.

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