Newton Citizen Poll 6/14/2008

"To my friends and neighbors throughout Newton County who could not come out and visit us at the hummingbird festival, I assure you the (comment) in the Citizen Poll does not speak for all of us. I was a volunteer for this event and I assure you that it was not a money-making scheme. I for one can say I saw several families with children who appeared to be having a great time, from making candles to enjoying ice cream to jumping on the sling to just relaxing in the shade with a cold lemonade listening to the guy playing the piano, then to watching the kids join together and watch as they showed and talked about the birds. My hat's off to all who volunteered with Buddy Rowe and the caretaker of Gaither Plantation, Marty Roberts Jr., for all the efforts to make sure all the guests had the family experience that you hear about. Also, thanks for moving the festival up two months. It was a lot cooler this year. Once again, thanks, and I know I'll be there once again next year."

"To the person who wrote the article about the hummingbird festival: It sounds like this woman may have experienced a heat stroke to say that this was a huge money-making scheme. Let's see, you live 10 miles, so that's about $6.50 round trip of gas for a family SUV, plus $5 donation. I know ice cream was about $2, so max $10. So about $22. You were able to hang out in a very safe, family outdoor experience. As far as the $2 drawing goes, like anywhere else, that's made up so that everybody could have a chance and not just picking friends or family. Next time, let them know that you are a sore loser and they may hook you up. And then you can think about the vendors who traveled more than 10 miles at $4 a gallon, paid a price to set up, and then did not sell anything. I dare you to tell them that it is a money-making scheme. This was your first time visiting the festival and I hate you had a rotten experience, but it's people like you who think you may make a difference and you ruin it for all. You could go to McDonald's, get a couple of $1 cheeseburgers and let your kids play in the jungle gym in the A/C next year. Let's see if you participate behind the scenes to set up for this and then you will see all the volunteer man hours it took."

"To the guy who broke into Eastern Wallboard Supply early Wednesday morning: I have worked here almost 10 years and this has happened to us twice. If you needed the money that bad, we are good people here and don't mind helping anyone that really needs help. If you stole to feed your children or yourself, please consider asking next time before you do something like this. If you stole to support your drug habit, I hope that you will get help. I know that it is hard right now; it is for everyone. I pray for you every night. God still loves you!"

"To the person who commented on the Newton County Little League. I understand your frustration; it should be about kids getting to play. I spent 12 years coaching baseball in Rockdale County and was confronted by a mother that wanted her son to play second base instead of the outfield. I agreed to let him play and when he got his chance he took a ground ball to the mouth that required stitches and the loss of a couple of teeth. The fact is that even though we may not want to admit it, not everyone is cut out to play certain positions. Coaches have to do the best they can to balance playing time while ensuring that they are not putting someone in harm's way. I will agree with you on the drafting of teams, it seems the coaches are the board and they make the rules to benefit themselves."

"I would like to know why my tax dollars have to pay for school buses to take all those students to summer school that failed the CRCT. That should be a parent's job, not my tax dollar, and I do not have any children in school. They are grown."

"Now that Obama has a competitive chance of being our next president, isn't it time that the black population lose that degrading title of 'minority'? Think about it - the greatest country in the world with a 'minority' as it's leader. That would be saying Obama is less than perfect. Is this how our citizens want other countries to see our leader? Black people have been equal with all Americans, no matter what ethnic backgrounds, for years. Let them be proud of it."

"Thank you to the person who made the comment about the Newton County Rec Department baseball system. There are so many kids that do not get near the playing time that the 'better' kids get. I have noticed over the last seven years that my son has played that if you are a coach's son you will be playing the full game. Having your dad as the coach/assistant coach also comes in handy when it comes to the All-Star draft. If you take a look at each of the All-Star teams in each league, 10 kids out of 12 will probably be a coach's son. I know that being a coach is on a volunteer basis with no pay and a lot of headaches, but some of them need to remember that their son is not the only one on the team."

"To the person writing in about where the tag decals go: I think I love you!"

"Tuesday evening at around 6 p.m., a friend and I were traveling towards Conyers on Flat Shoals Road just past the elementary school when our vehicle struck a dog that ran out (unexpectedly) in front of us. We immediately turned around to come back and see if there was anything that we could do. The medium-sized pretty brown puppy was severely injured but still alive. We knocked on doors, but were unable to find anyone who owned the dog (there was no collar on the dog). The puppy was well kept and healthy other than the injuries. We drove to the nearest vet hoping to get some advice. The vet's office was closed, so we called their phone number and were given information about an emergency clinic in Covington. We called the clinic and was advised to call animal control, which we did. Since neither of us could afford a vet bill nor were we able to take on a dog, we met the animal control worker at the facility off Rockbridge Road. By the time we left the puppy there, we felt very drained and almost three hours had passed. This type of incident occurs frequently, but it has never happened while I was in a car. My question is this: What is the proper thing to do? We did not cause the accident, we could not find the dog's owners. We were totally unprepared to adopt a dog and pay a large vet bill, yet we could not humanely just leave the dog suffering by the side of the road. The animal control worker was very kind to us and to the injured dog, who I feel sure was put down very quickly. If this was a reader's dog, I want you to know that we did all possible to make your puppy as comfortable and as cared for as we could. I am sorry for the outcome."

"I have been begging all of you over and over not to re-elect any politician. As the primary election date nears, I would like to try to convince you again by quoting a very famous comedian: "Politicians are a lot like diapers ... they should be changed frequently ... and for the same reasons.'"

"Covington Mayor Kim Carter claims she asked for a 'reasonable estimate' for furniture and decorations for her office in City Hall based on costs in today's marketplace. I think Mrs. Carter must shop in a different marketplace than the majority of her constituents. $3,500 for bookshelf credenza, $3,500 for a sofa, $2,000 for a desk, $1,700 for two club chairs, $1,250 for artwork, plus numerous tables, lamps and additional chairs all at comparable high prices, now add carpeting, wall covering and labor and her marketplace prices. Interior designer Susan Dario has kindly furnished these market prices at a discount to the city, and her fee will be $6,000. What a coincidence that Mrs. Dario is a client of Mrs. Carter's firm. Have these people no shame? This is Covington, not Dubai - no oil rich sheiks here."

"I was calling about the extreme amount of students that have to go to summer school. I pay an awful lot of school tax, and I feel like about 80-85 percent of it is being wasted. That ain't right."

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the late Davis Morgan, past commission chairman in Newton County, and his wife Kathy. I believe his idea was a blessed one to put crosses with names on them and the war they were killed in on the median of (U.S. Highway) 278 now on the hill beside 278. My brother-in-law was killed in World War II. As a veteran, I thank Kathy for trying to keep it going until she turned it over to our local American Legion. So, now I salute them all. It makes Memorial Day a little more blessed to see more respect on that day."

"My grandson was laid off on Jan. 3 of '08 as a computer operator for the last eight years. He has two small children and has been looking for a job ever since this. His unemployment ran out April 1, he finally found a job cutting the right of way with a chainsaw every day. He worked all weekend to get his old pickup running again to drive it to McDonough every day. On his third day of this, his truck quit on him on Ga. 20 in Henry County. He got it about 15 feet off the highway, so at lunch time he called B&H Wrecker to go get it. They called him back and said it wasn't there. He found out it was towed in by a company in Henry County. The Sheriff's Department had it towed. Now it will cost him $165 for impound fees plus more money to get it out. I think this is ridiculous - after four hours it was towed in. So, now if the Newton County sheriff's department sees a Henry County car broke down, please call B&H Wrecker. What is fair for them should be fair for us to make money. Also, there is a lot of difference in running a computer and a chainsaw in this hot weather. He is wore out when he gets home, but he is trying to make it."

It says a lot about the arrogance of the incumbents to the board of commissioners in regards to their absence from the "town hall" meetings. However, what is sad is the magnitude of inanity in this county is that these hacks will probably get re-elected.

"Please, please consider what that fellow has been saying for months: 'Don't ever re-elect anybody!' Always remember what Clint Eastwood said, 'Give politicians power and all of a sudden they'll misuse it on you.'"

You don't have to have a constitutional amendment to have term limits on politicians. All you have to do is exercise your OWN term limits, i.e., Never Re-elect Anybody! In fact, there's an 'NRA' we can all join!"