Naked man Tasered 3 times

COVINGTON - Nobody seems to know why Willie Robinson, 52, of 20 Haywood Court, got naked and chased two men through a car lot recently, but the Newton County Sheriff's Office said it took several officers and three Taserings to bring the man under control.

Deputies were dispatched to JJ's Quick Stop at the 295 Ga. Highway 162 Connector about 11:30 p.m. May 29. According to an incident report completed by Deputy Steven Ledford, when he arrived at the location, he could see Robinson chasing two men "in between cars at Sellars Motors."

According to a third victim, the tenant in a nearby apartment, the incident began when Robinson gained entry to his apartment while he was showering, NCSO spokesman Investigator Sharron Stewart said. The man told officers he got out of the shower and found Robinson sitting on his couch, demanding he be given money.

The victim ordered him out of the apartment and a scuffle ensued, during which the victim was punched in the face. He told deputies he was finally able to shove Robinson out of his apartment, but once outside, the suspect began yelling and cursing.

Two of the victim's co-workers were at Sellars Motors and they came over to help defuse the situation, but apparently that's when Robinson decided to get naked and give chase.

Assisted by two officers with the Porterdale Police Department, Ledford said they convinced Robinson to give up the pursuit and come to JJ's parking lot and talk with them.

"I asked Mr. Robinson where his clothes were, and he told me the short black man beat him out of his clothes," Ledford reported, adding that he didn't observe any marks of a beating on Robinson's body. Meanwhile, one of the police officers had located Robinson's clothing outside the apartment.

The officers requested that Robinson put on his pants, but he refused. Deciding to arrest Robinson, one deputy tried to handcuff him, but Robinson reportedly began fighting.

Deputy Ledford said at that point, he Tasered Robinson with one probe striking Robinson in the back and one probe striking the other deputy in the hand. Robinson still refused to become compliant and one of the Porterdale officers Tasered him twice before they were able to subdue him.

Emergency medical care was called for Robinson, who was treated at the scene and released to go to jail. He told the officers "he was going to kill us when he got out of jail," according to Ledford's report.

A bag was found beside Robinson's clothes that contained several pill bottles, according to the report. "Two of the bottles had labels for Viagra and the other two did not have labels. All four bottles contained white pills marked 512, identified as generic Perkoset (sic) medication," the report stated.

Robinson was charged with assault, terroristic threats and acts, public indecency, obstruction of police officers, criminal trespass and drug violations.

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