Police arrest two on charges of selling meth

CONYERS - Two Newton County residents were arrested this week for selling methamphetamine to an undercover officer in Lakeview Estates.

Investigators with the Rockdale County Narcotics and Vice Unit arrested 19-year-old Hal Hubbard of 859 Navajo Trail, Covington, and Katie Fitts, 20, of 160 McGiboney Lane, Covington. The two were charged with sale of methamphetamine.

The arrests Wednesday culminated a monthlong investigation of the sale of methamphetamine in the Lakeview Estates community, according to a press release from the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators said that undercover operatives met with Hubbard several times in an attempt to purchase drugs from him.

"On Wednesday, July 23, investigators were able to arrange an undercover purchase from Hal Hubbard," the release stated. "Hubbard met undercover personnel and sold methamphetamine to them."

Cpl. Bob Cooley, commander of the Narcotics and Vice Unit, said Fitts had served as the middleman in the deal and was present when the transaction occurred.

"She had been talking between the undercover officer and Hal Hubbard and she facilitated the deal," Cooley said.

When Hubbard was arrested, investigators found the currency in his pocket that was used by undercover personnel to purchase the methamphetamine.

This is the third drug-related arrest made by the Narcotics and Vice unit in two weeks. On July 17, investigators arrested a man and woman accused of selling crack cocaine from their residence in the Conyers Housing Authority. On Tuesday, a man and his 17-year-old son were arrested after undercover officers discovered the two were selling marijuana that was shipped to their home each month from Mexico. Authorities believe the son had been selling pot to local high school students.

Earlier this month, the Sheriff's Office and the Conyers Police Department joined forces to beef up the undercover operations. A detective with the CPD - whose identity is kept confidential - is housed at the Sheriff's Office and is part of the Narcotics and Vice Unit, bringing the number of investigators to six.

"The addition of this staff augments the squad, not just for the city but for the countywide operations," Police Chief David Cathcart said.

He said that he expects to add a second member of the CPD to the joint unit in the near future.

Sheriff Jeff Wigington said he and Cathcart had been working on forming the alliance since the East Metro Drug Enforcement Team was disbanded a year ago. EMDET, a narcotics investigation unit consisting of law enforcement personnel from Newton and Rockdale counties, as well as the cities of Covington and Conyers, was disbanded in 2007 after 17 years in operation.

By that point, however, the RCSO had already formed its undercover Narcotics and Vice Unit, whose scope of enforcement extended beyond just drug investigations.

"The Conyers officer has worked that area on a more regular basis and brings additional information and contacts to the group," Wigington said.

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