Newton Citizen Poll 7/26/2008

"Maybe people didn't vote on July 15 because they couldn't afford the gas to drive to the polls. This was the first time I have ever went to the polls and been the only voter at the booth. Which brings up another question: Why did we open up all these additional voting places? Seems like a waste of money. Oh, I forgot - that is what the Newton County government excels - spending and wasting money."

"I would like to answer the individual that wrote this article on 7/19/08 stating: 'Can someone please explain to the Covington radio station that being about Covington means more than three hours a day of local programming. Last time I checked, we are not in the Caribbean, and I am questionable to who listens to that kind of music. Help!' Please be aware that WGFS 1430 AM Radio Station is a multi-cultural Brokers Radio station, which means that any culture can rent air time and play whatever format they choose to. About Covington Radio bought only three hours of air time and the rest of the hours was bought by IRIE-ATL, which offers Caribbean programming, news, community information and entertainment, which various cultures seem to enjoy, they are the ones who listens to that kind of music! Point to remember: If you don't understand the culture, don't put it down!"

"If the housing market ever gets better, all of the banks stand to make a lot of money. There are so many subdivisions being foreclosed on. The banks are getting the properties back (some fully developed) and many companies that have licensed the property for work done are being wiped out. Unfortunately, Georgia law protects the banks and not the contractors who do all of the work. According to Georgia law, if you file a lien, you have one year from the last day you did work on the job to foreclose on the property yourself and pay everyone who has licensed the property ahead of you and the bank. But if the bank forecloses first, they don't have to pay you a dime. I have seen first hand the devastation this has caused. The company I work for has done over half a million dollars in work and have not seen a dime from the developers. We have had to pay all of the material suppliers, our labor, fuel, etc., and then to find out that the banks have foreclosed. So not only did we not make any money on the projects, we 'donated' to the projects. Some of you may want to know why we would pay for material on a job that we have not been paid on, well here's why. You sign a personal guarantee when you set up an account with a supplier, which means the supplier goes after you personally if you don't pay them. When you order material on your account, the supplier does not care that you have not been paid, they want their money. So if you want to continue to do business with them and do not want to be sued, then you pay. It's unfortunate that so many companies will not make it through these hard times. The 'little' companies need to rally together and push for change in the laws so that we can be better protected."

"It's reassuring to know someone applauds the waste of 'our' money in resurfacing Salem Road. I'm overly delighted, not in the least! However, what that person doesn't understand is Salem Road is a state highway and state funding is being used. And the only state improvements at this time will be a little new asphalt and some yellow paint. But a question was asked, to people whom are supposedly in the know, why is $1.4 million being spent on this project, when the state DOT funding is in dire stress and the roadway is scheduled for widening in two years? Fail to mention a county project that involves the Smith Store Road intersection that will take out most of the new asphalt when realignment occurs later this year. As usual, no one could answer my questions, or cared to at least. As far as the 'running surface,' Salem would have lasted well beyond the projected date of the widening project."

"City of Covington Mayor Kim Carter announced in a published State of the City address; 'Our budget represents no millage increase and is $870,000 less in general fund spending over the 2007 budget year. Our city department heads made difficult decisions to cut non-essential spending.' Mayor Carter asked or required cuts from department heads in spending, but couldn't apply the same standards for her desire to furnish herself a plush new office and employ a close friend as the interior designer in the process. That surplus fund should be $902,000."

"What is your deal, Randy Upton? Have you nothing better to do with your time? I read the newspaper every day and if I recall correctly, you are the same person who tried to say he was in violation of the Hatch Act, when in fact he was not. Why do have such an issue with Chief Cotton? Why are you only filing a complaint against Chief Cotton and not against Bill Watterson or Ezell Brown? They are all sworn deputies! All three candidates have used the badge in this election, whether it has been on a mail out or on their Web site. This was clearly pointed out by Joe Nichols in the news articles! Sheriff Nichols also said in the Covington News. I'm satisfied all three candidates are men of integrity and that it was done by mistake, Nichols said. 'As far as I'm concerned, that's the end of it.' Are you getting the hint, Randy? I suppose when people say 'Dirty Politics' they're referring to people like you."

"Boy, have Al Gore and his 'Greenies' got me excited! We Americans are well on our way to 100 percent alternative energy sources! Within 10 years, wind power and solar power replacing all those fossil fuels for our electricity, with natural gas and batteries replacing fossil fuels for our cars and trucks and locomotives and ships! Goodness gracious sake's alive, I can hardly wait! Hip, Hip, Hooray! - Oops ... wait a second ... how are we going to fly our planes? Oh well, the airports are too crowded and too tedious anyway, right?"

"To the person who wrote the comment on 7/19 regarding Covington's Radio Station: 'We are not in the Caribbean, and I am questionable to who listens to that kind of music. Help!' Well, now that the Caribbean folks no longer have their programming on the station ... what are you listening to now? It is really sad when a progressive group of folks try to do something positive and someone has to be so negative with such remarks. Just in case that person has not noticed, Caribbean folks have businesses and homes here in Covington and surrounding areas. We are voters, taxpayers and people who enjoy our culture and our music. It's unfortunate that you have to question who listens to that kind of music. Well, that kind of music gave new life to that radio station. Tell me, what do you hear now? Nothing worth listening to. So my advice to that person ... Go buy radio time now and provide local programming 24-7, since three hours was not enough. Put your money where your mouth is. Let's see what you can offer. Don't get me wrong, I like the local programming that was being offered, especially on Sundays. I am not bitter ... I just think when we need to embrace culture rather than knock it! Proud to be Caribbean in Covington!"

"I have a comment about some of the employees at the Newton County Jail. While I understand that the people that are in jail are there because they are being punished for the crime(s) they have been convicted of, but the people who go over there to visit are not the bad ones. Unfortunately, I have a family member who is there now and when I went to visit the first time, I felt like I was the one who had done something wrong. When my family member was first arrested, it was not an easy process to find out exactly what the rules were regarding visitation, bringing items for inmates, etc. Several employees were very vague and unfriendly. I know that your job is probably pretty tough, but just remember how you would want to be treated if you were in our situation and needed to visit your family member. Be nice."

"Am I the only one disturbed by President Bush's expensive visit to our state, at the taxpayers' expense, to try to oust our congressman, Jim Marshall? ... our (spare no expense) president doesn't want any Democrat in office. Why did he have to bring Air Force One, when a very small plane could do the job? I would like to know exactly how many tax dollars went to this disgusting trip. He should be ashamed. ... "

"This is concerning the county truck driver that was at the McGiboney site by the last name Mooney. That is George Mooney, he is a fine gentleman, he works for the county, he drives the trucks that pick up the garbage from the recycling center. You are right, they do have a thankless job. There are several guys that work out there and they are all wonderful guys and they do deserve our thanks."

"I would just like to say while we were voting on Tuesday, July 15, our Board of Commissioners voted to have two strip malls, retail malls approved, and we had a gentleman running for commissioner that was going to bring commercial and industrial into the county for jobs, but yet our commissioners at the meeting that night they approved those retail places that would not give us any jobs for our local people."

"Scrawls' cartoon in the Citizen on July 18 was right on and shows a lot of what is wrong with our country. No one seems to care about the hard working men and women that are let go and our outsourcing of jobs, plant closing, and layoffs because we can't compete in the global economy. Seems like we are only the working poor in the great United States of big money. On July 19, the religious section, I might have to attend the Burean Baptist Church. I have never seen a Web site more moving."

"I was calling about the Moore's Ford incident. I know it is hard for some people to swallow, but evidently the people that were involved in it got away with it. I mean, it happened 60 years ago. There is not a whole lot you are going to do about it now. If you want to get involved in justice, investigate the O.J. Simpson case. That didn't happen 65 years ago."

"I don't understand why a man can get locked up for protecting his family, but a hardened crimminal can walk. I had a friend who protected his children from a neighborhood dog, and he is now in jail. We are supposed to be able to protect our children, but apparently not according to our justice system."