Newton Citizen 7/19/2008

Edited: cms

"Dear City of Mansfield: My electric bill DOUBLED in the last month. Why??? With the $2.1M approved budget and $900K allocated to electricity, how much EXACTLY are we paying for the MegaWatts we're purchasing? Shouldn't we have a contract with MEAG to lower the cost to the city and to its residents? Get it together, it's stupid to expect us to pay over $400 a month for a 1,500-square-foot home!"

"Georgia won't be a swing state anymore. Obama doesn't get it down South with the "merci beaucoup" comment. The states have royalty, and as the King would put it - "Thank you, thank you very much." (in English). It's universal."

"On Saturday, July 12, I was at the McGiboney Road Recycle Center. It was around 2 p.m. I noticed that the county truck driver was stuck inside the center because of the traffic. He was looking at automobile tags and asking, 'Are you a Newton County resident?' There are a lot of out-of-county people bringing their trash here, (Rockdale, Henry, Jasper, Walton.) I have seen this for myself. He asked one gentleman if he was a Newton County citizen. The gentleman started yelling and shouting curse words at the truck driver for no reason. This is not the first time I have heard people cursing out the driver or the attendant. But what really caught my eye was that the driver just smiled and said 'Sir, you have a good day.' I use this site several times a week, and I have since it opened. I see and hear people being rude and cursing these workers, and I feel very sorry for the driver. I have watched him take people's trash out of there cars to keep them moving, He has picked up trash off the ground, jumps in and out of the truck as if he has springs on his feet. He is doing a great public service for our county and community. He should be greatly thanked for the hard work he does by keeping the center emptied out. So when you see him, let him know by thanking him for his hard work. He is one of the behind-the-scenes workers who help keep our lives going on a day-to-day basis. I don't know his name, but the tag on his shirt says Mooney. But you can't miss him, he is a big man and he wears a camouflage Boonie hat."

"Why does Covington need three more hotels? To bring in more places for child molesters and drug addicts to stay? Instead, bring in more restaurants and places we want to go, so everybody stops going to Conyers."

"I wonder where the Newton County water department inspectors are when the rest of us can't water our flowers and plants and lawns? At 5 a.m. just about any given morning, automatic sprinklers are going full blast on Bald Rock Road at several of those nice, large houses between Mt. Zion Road and the Rockdale County line. I really don't believe all these homes have their own drilled wells to use for this purpose. How about a little enforcement of the rules!"

"Here's something else to think about: Ford has spent the last 30 years moving all its factories out of the U.S., claiming they can't make money paying American wages. Toyota has spent the last 30 years building more than a dozen plants inside the U.S. The last quarter's results: Toyota makes $4 billion in profits while Ford racked up $9 billion in losses. Ford folks are still scratching their heads, and collecting bonuses. Mercy!"

"It shows you are never too old to learn new lessons. The July 15 election really gave me two lessons: (1) It is hard to get a parasite out of the public trough, and (2) The true definition of craziness is reelecting the same old incumbents over and over - and then expecting things to change."

"Registered voters of Newton County are a shameful lot to us all. With 49,000 registered voters, the number of people who are concerned about their elected officials and Democracy in general are a pathetic lot. The apathy here is such that when only about 12 percent turn out to participate in the greatest democratic privilege, it is no wonder we are in the situation we are in. If all these people paid as much attention to their county's welfare as they do to NASCAR or professional sports, we would certainly be assured of large voter turnout in our elections. Shameful. You always get what you deserve!"

"You people of Newton County must think that the (i) next to these politicians' names stands for idiots and you figure you are one and the same, so you best stick together. Seriously people, what are these hacks doing right? Traffic congestion everywhere, empty homes throughout the county, gangs and drugs. etc. etc. I know that some of you are friends with these people, but there comes a point and time that you have to look at the job these people are doing and set your personal feelings aside."

"Again - where are you? Oh my, what will it take for registered voters to get out and vote? The people who will be running our local government are put in office by us. If things don't go as you want them to; don't complain! If you did not go to the polls. So on Aug. 5 get out to the polls. Make a choice of which candidate you see best for the job. Then in November be sure you get the wind in your sails and get this local, state and federal government back on track. This country was built for the people. Get out of the easy chair and in front of the TV and support your country, state and county. Hope to see all of you registered voters on Aug. 5!"

"It appears Lt. Gov. Cagle may be onto something worthwhile. Considering Georgia's standing in the educational hierarchy of this nation, he's right to assume that education will be "the next big challenge."

"I agree that each child is different and not everyone 'needs to be on a path to college.' Back in the late '40s, when I was in high school, there were three types of programs: college prep, commercial and general. There was also a county vocational high school which provided training in skills such as sheet metal worker, electrician, plumber, draftsman and welder. There will always be a market for such skills as these. (According to a media report, the average age of a welder today is 54). Building more career academies will open opportunities to those not destined to attend college. And you can do very well in this country without a college degree (just ask Bill Gates). We will always need skilled craftsmen in the trades. There's no single path to a good education. I hope our lieutenant governor carries out his proposal. All children deserve a chance to fully develop their individual capabilities."

"I recently read in our esteemed newspaper that we are finally going to get some much-needed road improvements and repaving of Salem Road. I applaud this as it is long overdue. However, I must pose the question to our Board of Commissioners: Are we to pay over a million dollars to repave the road (slated for completion in August) just to have Wal-Mart trucks and heavy moving equipment come in in 'late summer' and destroy the roads that we just paid to fix? Whose brilliant idea was this? I'm sure it will go over fine with the rest of the brain trust here in Newton County who just re-elected the incumbents who have done such a fine job getting us where we are today."

"I wanted to take a moment and compliment each of the sheriff's candidates on their campaign efforts. Each has run a clean campaign, running on their own merit. None of these fine men have been lured into taking cheap shots at each other. ... I'm proud to have such quality people working in our law enforcement community. Good luck to those still in it, and my respect to all who offered to serve."

"Can someone please explain to the Covington radio station that being about Covington means more than three hours a day of local programming. Last time I checked, we are not in the Caribbean, and I am questionable to who listens to that kind of music. Help!"