Health Reports 7/15/2008

The following food service establishment inspection reports were provided by the Environmental Health Division of the Rockdale County Health Department and the Newton County Health Department. Restaurants that score from 90 to 100 get a letter grade A; those that rate 80-89 get a B; a tally of 70-79 is a C; and below 70 is a U, or unacceptable. A restaurant scoring 70 or above is allowed to operate if there are no critical violations. If a facility is rated U on consecutive inspections, it must close and the owner must prove that it can be operated safely before reopening is allowed.

· Cozumel Mexican Restaurant, 96-A, 425 Sigman Road, Conyers, Date: June 5

Violations: Dishwash machine still not properly dispensing sanitizer.

· Nutrition Depot, 100-A, 1360 Dogwood Drive, Conyers, Date: June 5

· Silver Dragon, 91-A, 1889 Ga. Highway 138, Conyers, Date: June 5

Violations: Chicken on a stick and shrimp on buffet bar not holding hot temperatures.

· Wendy's, 89-B, 2340 Salem Road, Conyers, June 5

Violations: No paper towels at handsink by drive-thru. Wet nesting observed. Separate utensils to dry. Employee on food prep line with ring on. No permit posted. Current inspection report not posted. Handwash signs needed at all sinks.

· Moe's Southwest Grill, 91-A, 863 Flat Shoals Road, Conyers, Date: June 6

Violations: Pico de gallo salsa prep not held at proper temperature. Pinto beans not held at proper temperature. Use proper cooling techniques.

· Two Guys and a Grill Catering, 100-A, 1035 Green St., Conyers, Date: June 6

· American Deli, 66-U, 1360 Dogwood Drive, Conyers, Date: June 9

Violations: Employee observed washing gloves and then reusing the same gloves. Employee observed storing ice scoop in handwash sink. Meat and cheese slicer has food debris. Clean and sanitize slicer. Cheese, chicken and other potentially hazardous food items not held at proper temperatures. Prep cooler not holding or maintaining proper temperatures. Onions not stored 6 inches off floor. Handwashing signs not posted at all handwash sinks. Employee observed using cup to scoop ice out of bin.

· American Deli - Recheck, 100-A, 1360 Dogwood Drive, Conyers, Date: June 11

· Mrs. Winners, 86-B, 1138 West Ave., Conyers, Date: June 10

Violations: Mold-like substance observed in ice maker. Food items in walk-in cooler not properly date marked. Food item not in original container not labeled as required. Wet utensils stored stacked on one another. Door gasket seals on front cooler damaged. Fryer basket deteriorating. Return vent in kitchen soiled with dust.

· Tropical Delight, 91-A, 1109 N. Main St., Conyers, Date: June 10

Violations: Employee drink in unapproved container with no straw. No paper towels at rear handwash sink. Employee without hair restraint preparing food. In-use utensils not properly stored. Wet utensils observed stored stacked on one another. Fryer basket deteriorating. Inside microwave needs thorough cleaning. Bottom of reach-in freezers soiled.

· Golden Spoon Jamaican, 90-A, 1360 Dogwood Drive, Conyers, Date: June 16

Violations: Previously cooked rice and chicken not holding proper temperature. Outside of reach-in cooler unclean.

· Cherokee Run, 74-C, 159 Centennial Olympic Parkway, Conyers, Date: June 17

Violations: Person in charge could not demonstrate knowledge or perform duties. No documentation of Certified Food Safety Manager on staff. Handwash sink in kitchen did not have paper towels to dry hands. Chicken salad in prep cooler not cold. Potentially hazardous food held more than 24 hours in establishment not properly date marked. Al utensils, equipment must be stored 6 inches off floor. Wiping cloths not stored in sanitizing solution. Cutting boards need to be cleaned and resurfaced or replaced. Mold-like substance in ice machine.

· Cherokee Run - Recheck, 92-A, 159 Centennial Olympic Parkway, Conyers, Date: June 25

Violations: In-use wiping and sanitizing cloths not stored properly in bucket. Utensils not stored handle side up. Cutting boards in disrepair. Several flies observed in kitchen.