Missing 14-year-old discovered unharmed

COVINGTON - Robin Hardie, who had been missing for five days, was found unharmed Wednesday night, according to the Covington Police Department.

CPD officers had issued an alert to the public to aid them in locating the girl who was last seen in her mother's place of business, New Shoez, located on Monticello Street, just off the Square.

"Dispatch (911) got a tip as to where she might be. Deputies went out to a location in the county and they found her staying in an abandoned house," said Detective Daniel Seals Thursday afternoon.

He said the 14-year-old had apparently left of her own accord, although detectives are still investigating to ascertain if someone aided in her flight.

Seals had said previously that detectives were especially concerned about this case because it didn't have the earmarks of a typical runaway, calling it "a bit of a mystery."

In issuing the appeal to the community, Seals had said, "We want to know why and where. Right now, we don't care about the why. We care about the where. We'll worry about the why later."

Interviews were being conducted Thursday afternoon to determine the "why."

The teen was a previous student of Eastside High School, but had recently been home schooled. She was well-known around the Square business district as she often helped her mother at the shoe store and is described as a personable young woman by storekeepers there.

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