Respect flags by retiring properly

OXFORD - In the time surrounding Independence Day, June's Flag Day and other American events, Oxford Mayor Jerry Roseberry encourages residents to properly retire worn or damaged flags, instead of throwing them out.

"Many Oxford residents like to honor the men and women who have served our nation by flying the American flag," he wrote in his blog on the City of Oxford Web site. "Proper respect for the flag requires that it be retired from duty in a manner that recognizes its importance as a symbol of our nation."

Residents who need to do this can bring their old flags to Oxford City Hall, where they will be protected and given to Oxford Boy Scout Troop 211 for final retirement.

"The Scouts honor Old Glory with a ceremony that involves cutting of the flag into smaller pieces, but not the blue field of stars - it symbolizes the unity of the states and is never severed - and burning of the pieces until all traces of the flag are destroyed," Roseberry said. "Plan now to spruce up and pay tribute to those who have gone before us by proudly displaying Old Glory."