Police seek shooter in Sunday fight

COVINGTON - Covington police are seeking a suspect wanted for shooting a man in the wrist following an argument Sunday night.

Shortly after 9 p.m., police responded to Newton Medical Center after receiving a report about the victim, according to an incident report completed by Officer Audrey Folden.

According to Lt. Wendell Wagstaff, spokesman for the Covington Police Department, the victim said he was walking on Puckett Street near the area of Carr Circle when he was approached by another male. An argument then ensued between the two, followed by a physical altercation, which led to the shooting.

"They were fighting ... there was a little bit of hand-to-hand and (the suspect) tried to hit him with his fist and that's when the victim said he fought back and was able to knock him to the ground," Wagstaff said. "That's when the victim heard (the suspect) working the slide action of the pistol and that's when he said he ran away. When he ran away, he heard two or three shots fired and he was hit in the right wrist."

The victim said he then had someone bring him to the hospital to receive treatment for his injuries.

As of press time Monday, the condition of the victim was not known.

Police later returned to the area where the shooting reportedly occurred and recovered several pieces of evidence, according to the CPD spokesman.

"An officer did go down to the area and located a couple of shell casings and also found some blood," he said.

Wagstaff said that detectives are tracking down leads in the case and that they have a good idea of the identity of the person responsible for the assault.