Maddox's eligibility affirmed

COVINGTON - Despite an inquiry into his eligibility to run for the vacant Post 3 Porterdale City Council seat, Wayne Maddox has been declared eligible to run for the office, along with the other three candidates, according to a press release issued by the city on Thursday.

After receiving several phone calls from concerned residents, Porterdale City Manager and Elections Superintendent Tom Fox began looking into Maddox's eligibility based upon unpaid health insurance premiums he reportedly owed the city from when he was mayor. Maddox served 24 years on the city council before resigning while mayor in 2003.

"(Maddox) owes between $5,000 and $6,000 to the city that was adjudicated in Magistrate Court. That was for insurance premiums that he owed the city," Fox said.

The Citizen reported in October 2003 that the city had filed suit against Maddox, alleging that his wife, Vicki, received improper medical insurance through the city from Jan. 1, 2001, through Aug. 1, 2002.

"I don't have a comment on it, really," Maddox said Wednesday. "(The case is) still pending in court."

Fox refuted that statement.

"My understanding is that it was adjudicated in court, there was not an appeal filed and that he still owes the money," Fox said.

According to Newton County Magistrate Court records, a judgment of $5,275 was issued against Maddox in December 2003. Also, according to court records, no appeal has been filed in the case.

However, since the funds owed the city do not involve tax revenue, the debt does not prevent Maddox from vying for the council seat, according to the city manager.

"It does not appear that the money that he owes would prevent him from being qualified to run because ... only if it's involving tax money would it. But in this case, it's not involving any tax money that's been adjudicated," Fox said.

The special election for the council seat will take place along with the presidential primary on Feb. 5.

Maddox, along with Arline Hayes Chapman, Jack Loyd and James Himes will be running for the seat.

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