Letter - Where is the support for teachers?

To the editor:

It is still a mystery that we still decide to hurt someone because people in high positions would rather calm the waters than do what is right. Too bad "WE THE PEOPLE" did not know how weak they were before we allowed them to be given the authority. Just because the superintendent speaks does not mean we need to listen, because it sounds as if he is more concerned with his head than others.

If Mr. Geiger did do something wrong, then the consequences were just. But what if this is a game that an irate parent is playing, then the superintendent and the paper are allowing this parent to get away with slander. So then you are doing wrong.

Mr. Geiger is a pretty responsible adult. He would help someone anyway he could. If he is guilty of anything, it is caring too much about kids he deals with. Nowadays it is a whole lot easier to blame the problems on someone else than to fix them. The stories that are being told about what happened by child and parent have far to many holes in them for them to be solid truth. But once again, let's blame the teacher so the parents will go away and the teacher will lay down and take one for the team. I think it's time that the "Captain" does his job, standing up for the team and being a good leader.

What the superintendent did to Mr. Geiger was wrong. He is allowing one parent to have so much power over the career of a veteran teacher. Unfortunately, you are giving the parent fuel by not knowing and printing the whole truth, just the superintendent's version. So ask yourself, why did the parent not go through the proper chain to resolve this? I'm sure if this happened to Dr. King, he would be raising all kinds of "issues" to clear his name.

Is this the reason Rockdale is losing so many good teachers? Are they afraid they will not be supported when parents/students make allegations? Where is the support for the teachers? The quality of our school system can suffer greatly due to one bad decision made at the county level. When you teach parents/students that if they raise their "fists," the system will bow down, then you are telling teachers to fear retribution and bow and scrape to the will of parents and students.

David Elder