Letter - Response to 'County commissioners discuss salary increases, but no vote is taken'

To the editor:

Response to Article by Crystal Tatum entitled "County commissioners discuss salary increases, but no vote is taken," dated Thursday, Jan. 17, 2008.

Last week our two town papers reported that Commissioner J.C. Henderson and myself requested an increase in the pay for commissioners. This is simply not true. What we were trying to get answers for is the original information and the resulting formula that those who established the criteria for the commissioners' salary and adjustments. When we did not get the needed responses that would satisfy our concerns, we decided to put it on the commissioners' public agenda. This was an attempt to get information, not a raise, that's why we did not vote. Unfortunately other commissioners use this to try to infer that we were trying to increase our pay; this is a continued frustration I have with the process and flow of our meetings, which frequently fall along partisan lines. I sense that this is a political year and that others will use this as a reason to insinuate meanings into reason behind every concern or comments that we make. I cannot control the way others view my intentions, I only ask that we try to work together for the good of the community, and reach across party lines, to work together on common concerns and goals. When this is done everyone wins.

My goals are to finish our planned park and branch library for district two, continue to work on getting a satellite branch for the tax commissioner's and sheriff office out in our district, thereby bringing the vital services this area so desperately needs.

We have made some improvements in the district such as, getting two radar poles on Brown Bridge Road, to help curtail the many speeders, put out Anonymous Tip sign's, Oakhill Community Sign's, planned traffic lights at the 4-way on Oakhill and Ga. Highway 212, and Smith Store and Salem Road. These are just a few goals we have got done through hard work and perseverance.

I will continue to work for the good people of district two, and the rest of this great county to take on the many issues that come before me as your representative. I currently have a web site and a monthly newsletter that's called " My Perspectives," that you can read to hear my personal

wrap-up of the month. This is done to keep my constituents informed on what's happening in the district and to be accessible to hear their concerns and questions.

Respectfully Yours

Commissioner Earnest L. Simmons