Health Reports 1-22-08

The following food service establishment inspection reports were provided by the Environmental Health Division of the Newton County Health Department. Any score below 90 is considered failing.

· Sports Depo, 99, 4122 Emory St., Date: January 11th. Violations: Repair hand sink; paint raw wood.

· Covington Manor, 97, 4148 Carroll St., Date: January 11th. Violations: Repair plumbing leaks at 4 compartment & prep sink faucets. Repair ceiling in bathroom.

· China Dragon, 97, 2195 Emory St., Date: January 10th. Violations: Do not store food in cans in refrigerator; do not use grocery bags to store food in freezer-must use food grade material.

· Holiday Inn Express, 100, 9159 Access Road, Date: January 9th.

· RL'S off the Square, 100, 1113 Floyd St., Date: January 9th.

· Pacho's Mexican Grill, 88, 6193 Highway 278, Date: January 8th. Violations: Keep all foods covered in walk in cooler. Label all cleaning bottles with common name. Keep all food stored 6" off floor in walk in-planning for new walk in cooler in near future. Clean floors beneath dishwasher area and also beneath cook line.

· Sonic, 94, 8225 Highway 278, Date: January 4th. Violations: Clean restrooms; need paper towels at hand sink in kitchen. Repair leak at hand sink faucet, and also at hose bib at mop sink.

· Little Phillies, 99, 10255 Industrial Blvd., Date: January 2nd. Violations: Light blown in mop sink closet.

· Susie's Best Wings, 92, 3257 Salem Road, Date: January 2nd. Violations: Do not store items in hand sink. Label all foods in plastic containers in all cooling units. Replace blown light at vent hood; also need more lighting in restroom.

· Sunset Grill, 88, 10205 Access Rd., Date: December 28th. Violations: Drawer cooler under grill not maintaining proper temps-54˚F, use for limited time or ice down product for no more than 4 hours at a time-monitor temps to keep product in safe temperature zone. Need thermometers in all cooling units.

· McDonalds, 99, 10701 Covington Bypass, Date: December 28th. Violations: Wipe down stainless at self service drink fountain; wipe out condiment bins at self service area; wipe down stainless at prep station-above prep area. Repair leak at stainless sink-3 compartment at bottom of sink.

· Domino's, 99, 1065 Access Road, Date: December 28th. Violations: Repair all cracked/broken floor tiles.

· Dairy Queen, 96, 3125 Highway 278, Date: December 26th. Violations: Label all cleaning bottles.

· Around the Way Cafe, 99, 3633 Salem Road, Date: December 20th. Violations: Replace blown light at kitchen.

· Butcher Block Deli, 100, 6171 Highway 278, Date: December 19th.

· Oak Hill Elementary, 99, 6243 Highway 212, Date: November 30th. Violations: Ice build up in walk in freezer-needs servicing.