Newton Citizen Poll 1-5-08

"Newton County Animal Control has made several visits to the dog on the corner of Russell Braden Road and Salem Road. The most recent visit was on 12-28-07. It does have shelter and water. The owner is caring for the dog. Please call 770-786-9514 (Animal Control) with your information if you are still concerned."

"I am also complaining about the way people are treated rudely when they pay a fine at the Probate Court in Newton County. I am 84 years old, and I went to pay a traffic fine for my daughter. The court workers sit behind a closed window and talk to each other and would not wait on the people in the halls who were in line. The people had to ask the court workers to help them. When they finally took my money for my daughter's fine, they treated me like I done something wrong. They would not let other people through a locked door to see records until they questioned them. While you are there, you feel like you are in jail or prison."

"On a vacant building on North Johnson Street was a sign with a picture of a woman with propellers on her breasts advertising a gentleman's club. All harmless fun, advertising for good cause. When is the last time we saw man with his pants around his ankles and a propeller over his penis and called it all in good fun or for a good cause to advertise a movie. Isn't it about time we start showing some respect to our women, wives, daughters and ourselves?"

Editor's note: This was not an advertisement; it was a prop for a movie filmed in and around Newborn last year.

"I would hope that anyone that sees a skinny dog or a dog without shelter or food or water that they would call the Newton County Animal Control or the Animal Control in their area to report the problem rather than putting it in the Citizen Poll of the newspaper and hoping that something gets done. The Newton County Animal Control's number is 770-786-9514."

"I would like to see some restaurants that Conyers has move into the super Wal-Mart area; restauranta like Golden Corral, Mrs. Winners, Steak and Shake and something similar to Ryan's."

"Now that the Lake Varner reservoir is closed to fishing and boating due to the drought, it would be a good time to pave the road leading to the lake from Alcovy Road. It is in bad need of repair. Can I get an 'Amen' to this?"