Health Reports 1-1-08

The following food service establishment inspection reports were provided by the Environmental Health Division of the Rockdale County Health Department. Any score below 90 is considered failing.

· The DogHouse Tavern, 76, 1910 Ga. Highway 20, Suites 170 & 190, Date: Nov. 30

Violations: Mold-like substance observed in icemaker. Smoke-free signage for smoking facility not posted. Dicer soiled. Soiled pots, plates and bowls stored with clean utensils. Faucet neck fell off on three-compartment sink. Damaged/soiled gaskets on reach-in/walk-in coolers. Floor of walk-in cooler damaged. Thermometers needed in all cooler units. Ice condensation built up on fans in walk-in freezer. Utensils stored improperly. Ladies restroom not clean. Toxic substances stored over three-compartment sink. Food service permit not properly posted.

· Morningside of Conyers, 98, 1352 Wellbrook Circle, Date: Nov. 30

Violations: Need test strips for sanitizer, keep wet cloths in sanitizer.

· Outback Steakhouse, 97, 1188 Dogwood Drive, Date: Nov. 30

Violations: Clean food contact surfaces, i.e. potato slicer, storage lids in cooler, handle of dish machine sprayer arms.

· Pippins BBQ, 80, 4580 Ga. Highway 20 South, Date: Nov. 30

Violations: Raw meat stored next to chicken. Pickles stored uncovered. Incorrect manual dishwashing product, sanitizer not at correct strength. Clean inside of freezer. Keep all storage 6 inches off floor. Do not store ice scoop on top of soda fountain. Hose attached to three-compartment sink without backflow prevention. Need paper towels in restroom. Garbage containers not covered.

· Pippins BBQ, 89, recheck, 4580 Ga. Highway 20 S., Date: Dec. 6

Violations: Incorrect manual dishwashing product. Sink must be set up to wash/rinse/sanitize. Repair/replace rusty shelves/equipment. Clean inside of refrigerator, chest freezer, stove, microwave. Hose was attached to three-compartment sink without backflow prevention. Clean/repair walls, ceilings, floors.

· Sherwood Forest, 100, 1047 Flat Shoals Road, Date: Nov. 30

· Taqueria Dos Hermanos, 86, 1522 Pine Log Road, D & E, Date: Nov. 30

Violations: Mold-like substance observed in icemaker. Employee without hair restraints preparing food. Chest freezer close to grill has broken lid. Soiled wiping cloth stored on sandwich-making table. No hot water in men's restroom or ladies restroom. Faucet on three-compartment sink leaking. Seat not on commodes in ladies restroom or men's restroom. No covered trash container in ladies restroom.

· Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins, 100, 1890 Ga. Highway 20, Date: Dec. 3

· Folks, 93, 1081 Iris Drive, Date: Dec. 3

Violations: Mold-like substance observed in icemaker. Outside of various equipment soiled. Inside one warmer soiled. Sliding door of Dumpster not closed as required.

· Hill-Phoenix Cafeteria, 100, 709 Sigman Road, Date: Dec. 3

· Mandarin Garden, 97, 1820 Ga. Highway 20, Suite 134, Date: Dec. 3

Violations: Keep all food products covered. Do not store raw chicken adjacent to raw shrimp. Wiping cloths should be stored in sanitizer. Repaint walls and doors in kitchen where needed.

· Mamie's Kitchen, 98, 1294 N. Main St., Date: Dec. 3

Violations: Employee without hair restraint preparing food.

· New China II, 99, 1360 Dogwood Drive, Date: Dec. 3

Violations: Utensil handles stored in bulk food products.

· The Celtic Tavern, 98, 918 Commercial St., Date: Dec. 5

Violations: Keep all cloths in sanitizer. Continue working on floors under and behind equipment.

· 7 Gables; 99, 1897 Ga. Highway 20 South, Date: Dec. 5

Violation: Ceiling tiles in prep area need replacing.

· Captain's Table, 96, 1815 Ga. Highway 138, Date: Dec. 6

Violations: Employee without hair restraint preparing food. No hot water in men's restroom. Floor in storage area needs replacing.

· Eat Right Caribbean Bar & Grill, 98, 1251 Iris Drive, Date: Dec. 6

Violations: Need thermometer to test food temperatures. Keep cloths in sanitizer buckets.

· Main Moon Chinese, 83, 1573 Ga. Highway 20, Suite 102, Date: Dec. 6

Violations: All bulk products not in original container must be labeled. Uncovered food product observed in walk-in cooler. Inside of microwave oven soiled. Outside of microwave oven soiled. Return air vents soiled. Permit not posted. Inspection report no posted properly. Filters in vent hood soiled. Handle of dispensing utensil in product, covered trash containers needed in restrooms. Walls in kitchen soiled.

· Papa's Country Buffet, 95, 1035 Sigman Road, Date: Dec. 6

Violations: Open drink stored in food area. Wet pans stored on shelf with dry pan. Concrete floor in dry storage area needs to be resealed.

· Two Boys and a Grill Catering, 100, 1035 Green St., Date: Dec. 6

· Wing House & More, 98, 2130 Salem Road, Date: Dec. 6

Violation: Keep chicken wings and all food covered in storage.

· Daruma Japanese Steakhouse, 99, 1920 Ga. Highway 20, Date: Dec. 7

Violation: Need thermometers in all cooler units.

· Golden Corral, 96, 1350 Ga. Highway 138, Date: Dec. 7

Violations: Fix leak at dishmachine. Clean and sanitize items pointed out during inspection.

· Picadilly Cafeteria, 97, 1536 Ga. Highway 138, Date: Dec. 7

Violations: All food items stored need to be covered. Need hot water at all hand sinks at all times. Replace missing floor tiles - also replace damaged floor tiles.

· Sodexho Management Inc., 100, 1 Lithonia Way, Date: Dec. 7

· Dine by Donation; 100, 1605 Ga. Highway 138, Date: Dec. 10

Note: Facility not open at time of inspection.

· Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, 91, 1823 Ga. Highway 138, Date: Dec. 10

Violations: Employees preparing and cooking food without hair restraints. Open drink container in prep area. Employee eating in prep area. Cloth used to cover food product.

· Golden Palace, 89, 1119 West Ave., Date: Dec. 10

Violations: Bulk items not labeled as required. Food items stored in refrigeration units not covered as required. Food items covered with cloth. Grocery bags used for storage. Outside of equipment soiled. No paper towels in employee restroom.

· Taqueria Dona Petra, 97, 1266 Iris Drive, Date: Dec. 10

Violations: Get test strips for sanitizer. Continue working on floors, coves.

· Whistle Post, 94, 935 Railroad St., Date: Dec. 10

Violations: Outside grill, make table soiled. Dispensing utensil handle in product. Coved base missing in several areas. Walls in dry storage area in disrepair. Metal wall behind grill breaking free.

· I Love Sushi Japanese Restaurant; 97, 1745 Ga. Highway 138, Suite A-2, Date: Dec. 11

Violations: Need sanitizer test strips for chlorine testing. Keep personal items away from plates, food, prep areas.

· La Oaxaqaena Taqueria, 88, 1085 Irwin Bridge Road, Date: Dec. 11

Violations: Prep cooler not holding foods at 41 degrees F or below. Keep all foods stored 6 inches off floor. Employee drink on meat slicer/employee drinks need lid with straw, meat slicer sanitized during inspection.

· Michelangelo Restaurant, 100, 951 Railroad St., Date: Dec. 11

· La Oaxaqaena Taqueria, 94, recheck, 1085 Irwin Bridge Road, Date: Dec. 14

Violations: Keep all food items stored 6 inches above floor. Clean and sanitize knife storage and meat slicer.