Newton Blotter 2-29-08

The following charges and arrests were reported by the Newton County Sheriff's Office, Covington Police Department, Oxford Police Department and Porterdale Police Department.

· Tekisha Casevious Giles, 29, 722 Loch Haven Drive, Conyers, criminal damage to property.

· Derron Jamal Hadley, 17, 230 Fieldstone Lane, theft by taking.

· Lisa Renee Henderson, 43, 87 Cypress St., Mansfield, speeding, DUI.

· Fredrick Andreece Johnson, 34, 701 Stewart Road, vehicles to drive on right side of roadway, DUI/Alcohol.

· Henry Fletcher Johnson, 60, 716 Stewart Road, criminal trespass.

· Ofelia Zequeida Maldonado, 32, 1602 Harvest Grove Lane, Conyers, failure to appear.

· Carmen McCoy, 52, 3626 Cape Lane, Conyers, failure to appear.

· Jason Glenn McDonald, 32, 15 West Forest Drive, theft by taking.

· Francisco Javier Mendoza, 22, 1244 Conley Road, Forest Park, driving without a license.

· Michael Alvin Miller, 47, 250 Lake Side Point, child molestation; aggravated, enticing a child for indecent purposes.

· David N. Momah, 47, 1100 Moccasin Trail, Loganville, sexual battery.

· Christopher Michael Moore, 31, 115 Millcrest Drive, battery (Family Violence Act), cruelty to children (Family Violence Act).

· Yvonne Denice Murphy, 36, 190 High Grove Drive, deposit account fraud.

· Sally Jefferson Nolley, 46, 1 Magnolia St., Porterdale, operation of vehicle without current registration or plate, DUI/Alcohol & Drugs, improper left turn.

· Michael David Parsons, 32, 2070 White Stone Place, Alpharetta, DUI, improper lane usage, speeding.

· Larry Eugene Pratt, 34, 21 Ivy St., Porterdale, operation of vehicle without current registration or plate, no proof of insurance, driving while license suspended or revoked, operation of vehicle without current registration or plates, alteration of license plates.

· Jamaal Marquez Pridgett, 17, 214 East Richardson, Oxford, possession of marijuana.

· Esgardo Reyes, 34, 10149 Henderson Drive, driving without a license.

· William Reymundo III, 32, 4148 Middlebrooks St., DUI/Alcohol, failure to stop at stop sign.

· Janet Marie Robertson, 42, 5134 Hill St., criminal trespass.

· Bernice Bernadette Robinson, 28, 907 Arbor Crossing, Lithonia, forgery in the first degree, tampering with evidence.

· Rotdrick Limond Roulhac, 33, 10106 Stone St., possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce.

· Fredrick Darnell Smith, 29, 45 Tempie Drive, possession of firearm during the commission of a crime, possession of arms by convicted felon, aggravated assault.

· Courtney Tavaris Stanford, 20, 239 Almon Road, theft by receiving stolen property.

· Chrissy Lorriane Strickland, 26, 5157 Avery St., failure to appear.

· Rose Chepngeno Tanui, 30, 2248 Hidden Glen Drive, Marietta, disorderly/public drunk.

· Johnny Raleigh Thomas Jr., 27, 9251 Settlers Grove Road, theft by receiving stolen property.

· Raleigh Calhoun Thomas, 68, 115 High Ridge Road, simple battery (Family Violence Act).

· Barron Scott Thompson, 46, 7 Pine St., Porterdale, disorderly conduct.

· Sonya Denise Walker, 32, 404 Grosslake Parkway, probation violation.

· Harry Davis Walton, 66, 321 Mozingo Hill Lane, Saint Stephen, SC, driving while license suspended or revoked.

· Bobby Lou Watson, 26, 1919 Bethel Road, Conyers, disorderly conduct.

· Angela Gail Wilbanks, 39, 310 Lakeside Drive, possession of marijuana/felony.

· Joseph Scott Wilbanks, 46, 310 Lakeside Drive, possession of marijuana/felony.

· Hidalgo Ottmar Williams, 17, 45 Crestfield Circle, disrupting public school.

· Rodreqius Antonio Williams, 24, 9245 Colony Drive-Apt. A, simple battery.

· David Lloyd Wright, 40, 45 Gus Court, DUI, improper lane usage, leaving the scene/accident, duty to report accident.

· April Wine Yarbrough, 20, 239 Almond Road, theft by receiving stolen property.

· Amy Michelle Young, 22, 4550 Roswell Road-Apt. 3, Atlanta, affixing tint to windows or windshields, driving while license suspended or revoked.

· Harold Glenn Aikens, 45, 10 Mulberry St., Porterdale, disorderly/public drunk.

· Leland Blake Anderson, 25, 2004 Megee Road, Snellville, probation violation.

· Richard Donez Anderson, 20, 6180 Nixon Circle, probation violation.

· James Roger Becknell, 46, 9131 Lakeview Drive, possession of cocaine.

· Saunders Keith Beggs Jr., 29, 40 Hidden Forest Road, child support default.

· Travis Dean Bennett, 39, 213 Helen Road, failure to appear, probation violation.

· Marshall Wayne Call, 37, 1543 Parks St., Milstead, probation violation.

· Darren Scott Evans, 24, 25 Oak Crest Court, probation violation.

· Taurus Antonio Garrett, 25, 141 McDonough St., Rutledge, reckless conduct causing harm or endanger the safety, interference with government property, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, criminal trespass, parole violation, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce.

· Andrew Bernard Gier, 22, 410 Meadow Ridge Drive, probation violation.

· Derrick Lynn Hamblin, 20, 25 Oak Hill Drive, probation violation.

· April Teresa James, 34, 1891 Access Road, probation violation.

· Lasean Andre Kenny, 37, 477 Pine St., Atlanta, forgery in the first degree.

· James Darrell Mullinax, 33, P.O. Box 668, Trion, failure to appear.

· Daniel Christopher Niemela, 23, 421 Keswick Village, Conyers, failure to appear.

· William Edward Seney, 28, 4171 Rebecca St., failure to register sex offender.

· Donnell Harvey-Lee Smith Jr., 18, 59 McEntire Court, Brunswick, probation violation.

· John Frank Smith, 48, 204 Country Creek Drive, Newborn, probation violation, possession of tools for the commission of crime, child support default, burglary.

· Lamontrias Nicole Smith, 29, 10121 Wellington Drive, financial transaction card fraud, financial transaction card theft.

· Mark Douglas Smith, 43, 285 Ashland Farm Road, Oxford, probation violation.

· Ronald Coy Stewart, 27, 497 Carver Drive, Social Circle, probation violation.

· Phillipe Montrel Thomas, 19, 315 Heritage Park Drive, criminal trespass, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, reckless conduct causing harm to or endanger the safety, possession of marijuana.

· Richard Allen Tietze, 48, 2910 East Mitchell St., Arlington, TX, theft by conversion.

· Darren Lakeith Walker, 24, 1641 River Chase Circle, Conyers, probation hold.

· Mary Elizabeth Williams, 28, 12017 Hazelbrand Road, probation violation.

· Patrick Artis Wilson, 17, Project Adventure, theft by shoplifting.

· Willie Fernandale Wilson, 47, 118 Long Street Circle, Oxford, probation violation.

· Gilbert Kenneth Wren, 58, 810-A Oak Hill Road, failure to appear, habitual violators.

· Timothy Michael Wren, 26, 46 Ivy St., Porterdale, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce, duty of driver to stop at or return to scene of accident, following too closely, DUI, probation violation, forgery in the first degree, giving false name or address to law enforcement officer, driving without license, operation of vehicle without current plate/expired plate.

· Christopher Dale Austin, 40, 3021 Lake Ridge Drive, Conyers, deposit account fraud.

· Tito Cruz, 29, 978 Briar Creek Court, Conyers, driving without license, passing without sufficient clearance.

· Michael Daniel Dehetre, 21, 2177 Chester Circle, Conyers, disorderly conduct.

· Brett Halstead Duke, 21, 961 Briar Creek Court, Conyers, possession of a schedule III (Loritab), drugs to be kept in original container, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce.

· Dolphus Dyer, 22, 9137 Thrash St., battery (Family Violence Act).

· Carl Stephen Edwards, 53, 6049 Arden Court, Morrow, failure to appear, deposit account fraud.

· Danny Dean Fitts, 51, 30 Pine St., Porterdale, simple battery (Family Violence Act), criminal trespass (Family Violence Act).

· Gayla Denise Goforth, 22, 1504 Emory St., Oxford, theft by taking.

· Leverne Handsbur, 44, 130-B Plum Orchard Drive, contempt of court.

· Tomas Garcia Hernandez, 25, 106 Rosewick Way, Stockbridge, vehicle turning left, no proof of insurance, license required; surrender of prior licenses.

· William Wesley Herrmann, 30, 138 S. Johnson, Newborn, DUI, speeding.

· Christopher Cody Hodges, 17, 587 Veal Road, use of "fighting words" obscene.

· Freddie Lee Key, 47, 45 Dylan Downs Blvd., DUI, improper lane usage.

· Ricky Anthony Kitchens, 48, 70 Laurel Ridge Court, battery (Family Violence Act).

· George Fernandes Lopes, 17, 170 Oakwood Drive, aggravated assault, criminal trespass.

· Angela Kathrin Marmie, 31, 17-B Hazel St., Porterdale, DUI, no proof of insurance, operation of vehicle without current registration, failure to stop at stop sign.

· Teodoro Anaya Martinez, 51, 2618 Old Highway 138, Monroe, driving without a license.

· Jocelyn Tamar McNair, 24, 2650 Chantilly Court, Conyers, probate contempt of court.

· Brooke Danielle Milford, 24, 121 Blackbird Circle, Monticello, DUI, failure to stop at stop sign, improper lane usage.

· Diana Dawn Moates, 45, 500 Spring Branch Road, Oxford, DUI/Alcohol.

· Jose Alfredo Montoya, 30, 1765 Rocky Ridge Drive, Conyers, obstruction or hindering law enforcement officers, improper lane usage, driving without license, DUI.

· Christopher Octavius Morris, 39, 10147 Fieldcrest Drive, no proof of insurance, alteration of license plates.

· Michael Daniel Payne, 19, 3310 S. Lizella Road, Lizella, furnishing to, purchase, or possession by persons under 21, disorderly conduct.

· Jesus Daniel Perez, 23, 721 Peaks Landing, Conyers, probation violation.

· John Milburn Phillips, 38, 235 Oak Hill Road, theft by taking.

· Thomas Jordan Pitts, 68, 4831 Navajo Trail, Conyers, too fast for conditions, DUI.

· Raymond George Potts, 60, 12017 Hazelbrand Road, DUI/Alcohol, DUI/endangering child under 14, littering highway.

· John Richard Presley, 40, 1103 N. Emory St., Oxford, simple battery (Family Violence Act), cruelty to children, battery (Family Violence Act).

· Michael James Robinson II, 18, 85 Mote Crossing Road, contempt of court.

· Christopher David Rust, 23, 804 Peaks Landing, Acworth, duty of driver to stop at or return to scene of accident, DUI, reckless driving.

· Melvin Eduardo Maldonado Salinas, 27, 70 Lamar Lane, driving without a license, failure to stop at stop sign.

· Amanda Jo Stephens, 25, 180 Mountain View Circle, DUI, child endangerment while DUI, improper lane usage.

· Jose Salazar Torres, 30, 1046 Holly Circle, Forest Park, theft of services.

· Crystal Cash Towns, 23, Highway 142-Lot 31, false report of a crime.

· Richard Carlos Vaughn, 45, 505 County Line Extension, Mansfield, child support default.

· Curtis Lee Wilkerson, 38, 15 Fuller Road, Locust Grove, improper lane usage, defective equipment, driving while license suspended or revoked, possession of cocaine, drug related objects.

· Megan Lavonne Wislinski, 23, 80 Loudon Drive, failure to stop at stop sign, deposit account fraud.

· Nathaniel Cain Womack, 23, 397 Highway 212, battery, false imprisonment, criminal damage to property.

· Rafeeq Zakee Zareef, 33, 580 Pebble Blvd., battery (Family Violence Act).