Ric Latarski - School system experiencing technical difficulties

In case you haven't heard, the Clayton County school system is having what they call in the TV business technical difficulties.

The problem stems from a school board that has done so many things wrong that to list them on a wall would take two sides of the Great Pyramid.

The result is the county school system is about to lose its accreditation. This will have a massively negative impact on children there and do enormous damage in terms of the opportunities available to them - the loss of HOPE scholarships and questions regarding the legitimacy of high grade-point averages, just to mention two.

Despite calls that the board members resign, this group of education charlatans remains steadfast in their positions. Some have been defiant while others have remained mute.

One reportedly cried when the question of resignation was brought up. I guess crying is appropriate when you are faced with the fact you are either criminal, incompetent or just plain stupid. In fairness, just plain stupid is sometimes the best some people can do.

While there are some who believe a mass resignation of board members is not in the best interest of the county, the situation has reached the point where drastic action is needed. There is no question this bunch needs to go, either from their own will or that of someone else.

Admittedly, it is always dangerous when Big Brother interferes in local government and rejects the will of the voters.

And the reality is, the citizens of Clayton County elected this bunch of insipid mountebanks, and even if they are tossed out there is no guarantee the next group will be better - but that is a risk it is past time to take.

While removing locally elected officials is not as easy as some might think, the one consistent inconsistency of the law is that there is usually a way to do something if you look long enough.

Gov. Sonny Perdue has tiptoed up to the problem but hasn't gone far enough to get his feet wet.

It would seem that if you are going to amass all the great forces of state government to try and protect a resource like water - up to an including stealing it from another state - then you would take whatever steps necessary to protect the greatest of all resources: children.

Somewhere in the volumes of Georgia law there must be a way - call it loophole is you wish - to get this bunch ousted. If the move is challenged in court, that is a fight that can be made later while a new school board can go about repairing the damage.

The truly astonishing fact about all of this is that the school board members will not resign. Somewhere in the twisted and demented recesses of their minds they must be thinking they will somehow be vindicated and their conduct not ultimately viewed as being bad.

Why they may think this is another story, but the fact that they don't seem to really understand the significance of their misconduct and mendacity is amazing.

At this point it might even be acceptable for them to resign without acknowledging any wrongdoing; simply admit the job they ended up with after being elected was more than they thought it would be and they were beyond their depth. Anything to get rid of them.

Admitting you can't do a job is tough but sometimes it is the honest and decent thing to do. Sadly, decency is a trait they apparently do not possess.

Members of this board also do not seem to realize the example they are setting by their whining, crying and I-did-no-wrong attitude is exactly the wrong thing to be instilling in the very students they are supposed to be serving.

They are clearly more interested in trying to justify their conduct and to protect their position than they are concerned about doing the job for which they were elected.

And here is the to be learned from Clayton County. Whenever citizens elect their local officials, attention needs to be paid to the details.

The gender, race, religion and national origin of those seeking to serve the community should play no role, but their competency, skills, abilities and knowledge should.

Asking questions about how someone will address a problem or what they hope to accomplish is paramount, not whether or not they have a black face or if they are a female or an old fat white guy.

Caring and competency comes in all forms and that is the ingredient voters need to be examining.

The Clayton County School system is in deep trouble and a piece-meal solution will do little good. The voters in Clayton County made some horrible choices but it is the children who are paying for those choices. Hopefully, given the chance they will not make the same mistakes twice.

There is a lesson to be learned here.