Woman charged with making false report of crime

COVINGTON - A woman who allegedly made a false report to Newton County authorities regarding threatening statements levied by her ex-husband was taken into custody earlier this week.

According to an incident report completed by Deputy Marlon Pollard, the suspect, 23-year-old Crystal Towns, called 911 and reported that her ex-husband, who had just gotten out of jail, called her and told her that he was on his way to her home to "hurt" her.

Towns said her ex-husband called her cell phone. The deputy said he asked dispatch to trace the number of the phone from which the call was made. Dispatch later reported that the phone number was that of the convenience store pay phone where the deputy had met Towns on U.S. Highway 278.

After telling Towns he was going to get the video tape from the store to see when her ex-husband made the call, she reportedly began to cry and said she made the story up.

Towns was taken into custody and charged with one count of making a false report of a crime.

According to Lt. Mark Mitchell, spokesman for the Newton County Sheriff's Office, Towns had passed her ex-husband on the roadway earlier that day and knew he was out of jail. Her motive for making the false report, however, remained unclear.

"I don't know what her intent was, but obviously, when you call 911 and your intent is to falsify a report of a crime, there are laws and consequences against that," Mitchell said. "Officers are out here to help and serve and when you take away from that by falsifying a report ... and 911 and deputies are pulled from other things to deal with something that is, in fact, fictitious, that's frowned upon by the law."

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