Newton Citizen Poll 2-23-08

Reminder to readers: The Citizen Poll does not include comments on candidates who are running for office. The Citizen welcomes your viewpoints on political candidates in signed letters to the editor.

"While I was shopping the other day, I noticed a woman wearing a T-shirt that proclaimed 'Danger: Educated Black Woman.' What a great idea. Does anyone know where I can buy a 'Danger: Educated White Male' shirt, or would that just be racist?"

"So our government has decided new restaurant inspection scores will help us. Does anyone really believe an institution like Mamie's Kitchen serves food less safe and deserves a lower score than the chains along (U.S.) Highway 278? And to think my grandmother used to have a grease container sitting on her stove! Unrefridgerated! Oh my God, she was trying to kill us!"

"Am I the only one who finds it weird that a small place like Greene County can get a new movie theater and Newton County can't? I mean, we have five times their population and we can't even get any new national banks besides the one Wachovia branch that we have, and BB&T is only in the Southeast before anyone replies and brings them up. So, I ask, what is our economic chamber doing to bring us retail growth which we really need?"

"Am I the only person that noticed along all of Newton County roads leading into Rockdale County, that Rockdale has zoned all of their land commercial on the adjacent side of the county line? Maybe they are smart enough to take care of the population growth, rather than Newton, because our leadership definitely isn't."

"Gas prices going back up for the last several years. We have heard a lot of talk about it but no action. About three years ago it was talked about drilling for oil in the Alaskan park. No go. Now we use corn to make ethanol, but there is mostly out west and it didn't help prices none around here. Now Gov. Perdue talked about the animal fat company being built in Georgia. We even gave a big tax break for that. It must have been built somewhere else didn't help any at the gas pump. Now, a lot of talk about South Georgia's pine trees making gas out of them. I hope that happens, but like the other ideas it probably won't help anyway. Last week, it was talked about swamp water would run a diesel motor - probably not. America has a lot of countries that owe us a lot of big money, so we should have the super power to stop these oil prices from going up. Every time someone in the Far East gets mad it goes up. Now the Venezuelan president has his feathers ruffled up, the prices are going back up again. As a veteran, I think it is time the American people should march on Washington to let our politicians know we are fed up with these promises and no action."

"I just read the Feb. 17 edition of the Walton Tribune and I just read that they have Best Buy, Lowes, PetSmart and several other stores coming to Loganville. Once again Newton County is getting skipped over by major retail and when people bring it up to the people at the Chamber of Commerce the only thing they have to say is 'We have things in the works.' Well, you have things in the works, but nothing is getting done. Maybe you need to work a little harder."

"I am commenting about a lot of the banks being built and churches being built and pharmacies and I don't know why there isn't a pharmacy that stays open 24/7, but we need one. I believe if you build a pharmacy on every corner there would still be a shortage of trying to get your prescription filled earlier or on time or not have to stand in a long line."

"I had to chuckle when I read the Citizen Poll on Saturday. There was someone who said they were treated courteously in the tax office. I am a senior citizen and have been late on my property tax but was treated rudely, maybe if I had been late this year I also would have been granted a favor. To a lot of people it is only 2 cents, but to someone living on a low, fixed income as I am, that could be a lot. Do you realize this is an election year and all the people in the office will do anything to stay in office? However, when the vote is over and they manage to stay in office, it is back to business as usual. ..."

"Why is it that once a week there is some article about what the county is doing for the city of Covington? Why can't we get our elected leaders to pour some of that money back into the rest of the county? I'm getting really tired of sitting in traffic at Ga. Highway 20, Ga. Highway 212, and Brown Bridge Road every day for 30 minutes each way. Why has nothing been done to improve this intersection? Sure seems like there is plenty of money considering how much our politicians squander on the city versus the rest of the county."

"State Rep. Doug Holt (R-Covington) is still attempting to take Constitutional rights away from Georgia citizens by inserting guidelines into the Georgia code. In his own statement recently regarding returning surplus tax revenue to the taxpayer, Rep. Holt should take note to exactly what he said, and apply that to a property owners' rights to sue. Holt said of his reasoning in returning excess surpluses: 'It really surprises me how often the constituent calls aren't from folks who need governmental help to solve a problem. Oftentimes they've gone to a government agency to get something done and it's been mishandled or dropped. The attitude of bureaucrats involved is atrocious. I don't think Georgian taxpayers need that.' Oftentimes people went to the government to get something done and it was mishandled. The attitude of bureaucrats is atrocious. It's funny how the shoe fits one foot but it doesn't fit the other isn't it?"