81-year-old Elberton man struck by vehicle

COVINGTON - An elderly Elberton man is recovering from injuries he sustained after being struck by a sport utility vehicle on Ga. Highway 212 late Wednesday night.

Shortly before midnight, the driver of a Mercury Mountaineer was traveling east on Ga. 212 when he noticed a white, Chevrolet Celebrity sedan parked 2 feet across the fog line on the roadway with no lights on, according to an incident report completed by Deputy Charles Day.

After swerving to avoid a collision with the car, the driver of the SUV struck the 81-year-old victim, who was walking on the left side of his vehicle and was wearing a black jacket and blue jeans. He was hit with the passenger's side of the SUV.

The victim told authorities he was trying to get to Marble Hill in Elberton; however, he was acting confused and did not know what road or county he was in, Day said. He also said his car had run out of gas and he had to crawl into the backseat of the vehicle to get out because neither of the front doors were operative.

The victim complained of pain in his back and legs and was taken to Newton Medical Center by EMS workers.

NMC spokeswoman Sharon Barbour said the victim is listed in stable condition.

The collision left a large scratch across the passenger's side of the SUV, as well as knocked off the side view mirror and left a dent in the rear quarter panel.

Day said the driver of the SUV will not face any charges because the vehicle was improperly parked and the victim was wearing dark clothing, he wrote in his incident report.

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