Ric Latarski - Resolution to redraw northern border an embarrassment

The people of Georgia have now been officially embarrassed by our elected officials.

OK, this has happened so many times before it should not be cause for alarm, but whenever our politicians go out of their way to look stupid, we should all be ashamed.

The General Assembly actually passed a resolution calling for the creation of a commission to redraw the boundary lines between Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina in an effort to push the northern border of Georgia further north.

This proves the sage observations that while genius may have few fathers, stupidity has the Georgia General Assembly.

The House version passed 136-26, which means we have at least 26 legislators who have the good sense and decency to not be caught up in such silliness. (To his credit, it should be noted that Rep. Robbie Mumford, R-Conyers, was among the 26. Given the petulance, pettiness and vindictiveness of the House leadership, Mumford could find himself serving as chairman of the Committee to Study Waste Management of Baboons.)

The Senate unanimously passed an identical resolution, which is a pox upon them.

The idea is that by repairing the boundary error created by drunken Georgia surveyors in 1818, the state will be able to tap into the Tennessee River to help relieve the drought.

Naturally, right in the middle of all this, Gov. Sonny Purdue is lifting water restrictions left and right and we sure don't want the Legislature to ask him to explain his actions. Better to try and correct a 190-year-old mistake than a 6-year-old one.

David Shafer, R-Duluth, reportedly had the audacity to suggest the move has nothing to do with the drought and this is simply an effort to fix a problem that has been around a long time. A few more inane statements like that and Shafer can qualify as a professional politician.

It should be noted this "problem" never seems to be a priority in the last five or 10 or 50 or 100 years until we had a drought to end all droughts and the powers that be realized that thanks to years of massive incompetency and poor planning, along with the-sky-is-falling mentality, the metro Atlanta area might run short of water.

Although some steps have been taken to look at water management and study ways in which to better utilize this resource throughout the state, as we all know, when guvmint starts studying things, nothing much happens for the next 267 years.

And even if Georgia could tap the Tennessee River, given the history - especially in the metro Atlanta area - of mismanagement of water resources, inability to direct growth, penchant for ignoring unpleasant facts and pure arrogance, what makes anyone think the problem of water shortage would not be the same 20 years from now if we have another drought?

Naturally, Tennessee and North Carolina will ignore the resolution, and if Georgia wants to continue the fight, the state will likely have to waste a lot of money in a losing case in court.

However, unlike water, given the seemingly endless supply of dimwitted thinking on the part of our leaders, this is not outside the realm of possibility.

While this resolution may be nothing more than cheap theatrics and grandstanding, the fact the legislature would engage in something as silly and banal as this should make us all queasy.

What lack of reasoning or shallow thinking caused Georgia legislators to waste time on this nonsense remains unknown. And if any of them actually believe this is a solution or a good idea, then we are in more trouble than we know.

We live in a time when we have serious problems that need to be addressed by serious people, not folks running around who should be wearing big red rubber balls on their noses.

Hopefully, this will all fade away quickly and become simply a footnote of the legislative insanity that sometimes erupts in the General Assembly.

The most acute observations and accurate statement made during this nonsense was reportedly by Tennessee Rep. Gerald McCormick, who said of the Georgia politicians at the throttle of this resolution, "They're idiots."

Well, at least he didn't say, "they're just thirsty idiots."

Ric Latarski can be reached at ric.latarski@rockdalecitizen.com.