Ester Fleming won't run for district seat
Commissioner still mulling other options

COVINGTON - Ester Fleming will not seek another term as a district commissioner, but he is keeping his options open on whether to run for another office, he said Monday.

"I said if the voters were kind enough to elect me, I would not be seeking more than two terms as a district commissioner," said Fleming, whose second term in District 3 will expire at the end of this year.

Fleming was also elected to two terms as District 2 representative, but resigned during his second term to run for chairman in 1996, losing to the late Davis Morgan. He was elected District 3 commissioner in 2000.

"I'm not through with politics. I've had people calling me, wanting me to run for elected office. My options are open," Fleming said, but he would not comment on whether those options include running for chairman again.

Fleming said he is renovating a house outside of the third district, where he plans to move, but added that he made the decision not to run prior to starting that project.

Fleming said he was "humbled" by citizens' show of trust in him over the years.

"In this day and time, to be elected to four terms, I think that speaks highly. I think anybody who knows me knows I shoot straight. I don't ride the fence on issues," he said. "I don't zigzag. I stay there if I feel committed. I don't move."

Fleming said he believes he and his fellow board members have served the county "with no self-interest for anyone. I just hope that continues."

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