In addition to prison time, judge banishes three men for burglaries

CONYERS - Three men involved in a series of burglaries were ordered on Wednesday to stay out of Rockdale County for the next 10 years, after they are released from prison.

Chief Superior Court Judge Sidney Nation ordered Terame Netez Talton, 20, to serve the first six years of a 10-year sentence for three counts of burglary.

The judge also ordered Anthony Tyrone Harris, 20, and Thomas Christopher Lackey, 24, to serve the first five years of 10-year sentences for two counts of burglary in connection with the crime spree.

Lackey also received concurrent time to serve on an additional charge of obstruction of a law enforcement officer, while Talton and Harris were also ordered to pay a $1,000 fine.

All three men pleaded guilty and Nation ordered that they are banished from the county for the duration of their sentences.

"This is why people don't feel safe in their own homes," he said. "This is dangerous conduct and is the kind of thing that can get people killed, and we don't want you here."

The charges stemmed from a burglary that occurred at an Irwin Bridge Road residence March 22, 2006, during which a door was kicked in and a variety of items were taken.

Subsequent burglaries with similar methods of entry occurred at residences on Ga. Highway 20 and on Pleasant Hill Road within a few days of the first incident.

Soon after the burglaries were reported, authorities stopped a vehicle that matched the description given by witnesses.

The three men were in the car, as well as a number of the items reported stolen in the burglaries.

Further investigation revealed that a shoe print found at one residence matched the shoes Lackey allegedly wore. Palm prints taken at the scene matched those of Lackey and Talton.

Lackey initially asked for a jury trial but changed his plea after Talton and Harris entered guilty pleas and testified that Lackey was also involved in the crimes.

Talton and Harris had no prior criminal record and were allowed to plea as first offenders.

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