Rockdale inmate charged in alleged relationships
Man accused of bypassing phone system along with deputy, public defender

CONYERS - A man accused of bypassing the telephone system in the jail and having an improper relationship with a jail deputy and a public defender has been charged in connection with the allegations.

Gary Lewis Raglin, 28, of 2342 Starline Drive, Decatur, was served with an arrest warrant at the Rockdale County Jail on Feb. 7. He was charged with theft of services and conspiracy to defraud the state or political subdivision, both felonies.

Rockdale County Sheriff Jeff Wigington said that Raglin had been in the county jail since August when he allegedly failed to report to his probation officer. He was on probation for burglary, the sheriff said.

"He was in a situation where he would have received good time, where the court allows an inmate to serve half of the time of his sentence unless he violates jail rules," Wigington said. "I can take that away, and I have every intention of looking at revoking his good time."

According to the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office, Raglin and Yametria R. Smith, 33, who was a Rockdale County Detention Center deputy at the time, became involved in a personal relationship in the fall. They apparently figured out how to bypass the telephone service at the jail and have the bills sent to an unknown and unsuspecting person.

The relationship came to light in January, according to Wigington, when a woman from Cobb County called the sheriff's office and said she had received several hundred dollars worth of charges for telephone calls originating from the Rockdale County Jail.

As investigators listened to audio recordings of the telephone conversations in question, they heard Raglin and Smith engaged in explicit conversations. Upon questioning, Smith admitted to having sex with the inmate on one occasion, Wigington said.

While investigators were in the process of listening to the hours of audio tape of phone calls made from the jail and charged to the same phone number, they discovered Raglin was also engaged in explicit conversations with Keesha M. Brown, who was an attorney in the Rockdale County Public Defender's Office at the time.

It is believed that the relationship between Brown and Raglin was not sexual in nature. Investigators also said they do not believe that either of the two women were aware of the other's relationship with Raglin.

Smith was arrested on Jan. 31 and Brown was arrested on Feb. 1. They were both charged with conspiracy to defraud a political subdivision. Smith was also charged with violating an oath of office and sexual assault against persons in custody.

The sheriff said Smith, who had been employed with the sheriff's office since 2001, was placed on administrative leave without pay. However, she was released from jail on bond on Feb. 4 and she tendered her resignation on Feb. 6. Wigington said she resigned before the investigation was complete, but it will still be reported to the Peace Officers and Standards Training Council as a resignation in lieu of termination, which means the same thing as being terminated.

Brown, 27, who received an additional charge of theft of services, resigned from the Public Defender's Office on Feb. 1.

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