Newton Citizen Poll 2-16-08

This week's Citizen Poll was an open line ...

"I wanted to say that I think it's pretty bad that Newborn's council all of a sudden wants to back out on the fire department deal. The county has put up a very nice fire station to cover their area. It is definitely wrong to get out now. It definitely does not show much for the integrity of the council. I always thought better of Mr. Cummings, but I guess he has proven to be just another politician .... I hope the guys at the fire station don't read the paper and think the town doesn't want them, but I bet they're better than that. Also, it has been proven time and time again the volunteer fire department just doesn't work anymore. It's hard to do anything with just one or two people. Come on, Mr. Cummings and council, stand up and do the right thing and quit making this little town look bad."

"We were promised that nothing would change when Charter took over Covington Cable. Can anyone explain how when the cable bill has went up over $5 and now the Internet connection has went up from $29.95 to 53.95. I am a housebound quadriplegic and the main activities I have is my computer and TV. So now what I paid Covington Cable $70 is now Charter $98. The Covington subscribers paid enough over the years to make Covington Cable worth the $15,000,000 they got for it, and now Charter is going to get their $15 million back in a hurry. I understand a business must make a profit, but what Charter is doing is way beyond what is decent and honorable. I have received several calls from Charter wanting me to use some phone service they offer at a teaser price. When I asked how much is the cost after the teaser time is up and the answer was 'Well, I don't know what the prevailing price is in your area.' I wish that something could be done to force Charter to keep the word that we were given that nothing would change. I have sent notice to AT&T to please get DSL in this area so we could deal with a company that has a decent reputation of honest dealing."

"South Salem Elementary and Liberty Middle as school names? Are they serious? This isn't DeKalb County."

"I am very concerned about the double murder that took place in a neighboring neighborhood toward the end of January. There has been no news about any arrests. I would like to know if this incident is isolated and what are the police doing to identify the perpetrators. This is very scary. I remember the days we left our doors unlocked in this county and the Police Blotter was 2 or 3 names short and the violations were minor. It's a sad, sad situation.

Editor's Note: Officials with the Newton County Sheriff's Office are continuing to investigate the double murder that occurred in The Falls subdivision on Jan. 23. Officials have not released any information following the initial report, but they do say they believe that the slayings were an isolated incident. The Citizen will continue to keep you updated as information becomes available.

I was reading the Citizen Poll in the Feb. 9 paper and I noticed this response to Pastor Lett's homeless shelter. I was wondering if the Newton Citizen could write an article about the shelter. I would like to find out about the shelter and if the Pastor has some connection to a specific church.

I am calling about all the complaints about the city of Covington, Newton County, the judges' office and probate court. If I can recall, we had an election in November last year and everyone had a chance to get out and vote and no one took advantage of that, hardly, and we put the same people right back into office, so all I can say to that is you got what we deserve. I am a former candidate for the city of Porterdale City Council. I have been defeated three or four times. You know, if you get out and vote, you can make a difference in this county. If you don't vote, then you need to keep your mouth shut.

I am a 35-year-old female and I first studied the U.S. Constitution in the fifth grade at Porterdale Elementary school. My daughter is in the ninth grade and she is well versed in the Constitution, also, and I get aggravated when someone like Rep. Doug Holt tries to weaken the Constitution for special interest groups. The Constitution begins with "We the People of the United States." Mr. Holt wants to pass a law that is adverse to the public interest in favor of special interest groups and I am glad to see the overwhelming response against Rep. Holt's proposed legislation.

I would like to say I have been reading all the negative comments about the Newton County tax office. I had the occasion to visit there on Monday to pay my property taxes, which were late by the way, but anyway, I didn't have any problems. I paid mine and the people there were very polite and also the employee that waited on me gave me 2 cents so I wouldn't have to break a dollar. I think they are doing a wonderful job.

My comment this week before our state legislation went back in session, there was a lot of talk about the people high up in the Georgia lottery getting those big bonuses. It would be on the agenda this year to pass a bill stopping it. A lot of people that play can't really afford the lottery, even my wife. Every morning, we stop at a convenience store for Cokes, chips and lottery tickets. A lot of people come out of the store. I know some of them and they are on SSI. I seen some of them and all they do is walk the streets all day. So, I would like to hear from someone who knows if the state legislator chickened out or what? There needs to be something done.

I think it is disgraceful that someone from the BOE proclaimed "Liberty represents freedom and choices, and we have that in our schools." Are you kidding me? Liberty, freedom, choices, and public schools should never be in the same sentence. The fact that if I do not pay to fund these institutions the government will come and take my home away, even though I have no children in the public education system. Do I get any sort of reimbursement for putting my child in the school of my choice versus the school the government opts for my child to go to? Of course not, it's laughable to me that someone would name any school Liberty, but I have to remember the idea did come from government where all their decisions are laughable.