Letter - Consider the handicapped

To the editor:

I would like to address a problem that I, and I'm sure a lot of other people, would like to put to the attention of the city officials of Covington. Although we all are pleased with the brand new building where tags can be purchased, taxes can be paid, as well as other business can be performed, whoever designed this building failed to consider people who are handicapped.

My sister-in-law is on oxygen and basically has to be pushed in a wheelchair when she goes out. I'm sure there are a lot of people in her shoes or worse that have to conduct business in that building.

My point is, No. 1, the handicapped parking is across the street behind that building. There isn't a handicapped door in the back of the building close to the parking lot, and if it was raining, they would get soaking wet before they got to the front door. Plus, there isn't a handicapped button to push to open the door for them. The parking spaces closest to the front door should be for handicapped parking, with the first two being van accessible, and for those handicapped people who would be at risk getting out of their cars on the street, they should put in a back door close to the handicapped parking lot for them, and install a handicapped button to mash at both front and rear doors to make the doors open up for them.

Yes, I myself have a handicapped tag, but I'm not so handicapped yet that I can't walk from the handicapped parking lot to the front door. Most handicapped people are not so lucky. They need help. Come on, city officials, help these people help themselves.


Virginia Massey