Health Reports 2-12-08

The following food service establishment inspection reports were provided by the Environmental Health Division of the Rockdale County Health Department. As of Dec. 1, the Environmental Health Division implemented new regulations that include both a letter grade and numeric score. The current form, along with the two most recent inspection reports, must be visibly posted within 15 feet of the establishment's main entrance and drive-thru windows.

· McDonald's, 96-A, 1765 Ga. Highway 138, Date: Jan. 15

Violations: Need handwash sink for employees near service counter.

· American Bowling Center, 96-A, 885 Flat Shoals Road, Date: Jan. 16

Violations: Prevent contamination during food preparation. Properly use and store wiping cloths. Post food service permit.

· D.C.'s Martinique Bar and Grill, 75-C, 1161 Old Salem Road, Date: Jan. 16

Violations: No employee health policy in written form. Paper towels missing from prep area and handwash sink. Food item stored in ice for consumer use. Mold-like substance growing in ice maker. Need thermometers in coolers. Open product not marked with date opened. Unapproved dispensing utensil stored in flour.

· D.C.'s Martinique Bar and Grill - RECHECK, 95-A, 1161 Old Salem Road, Date: Jan. 18

Violations: Last inspection report not posted. Out-of-date buttermilk stored in walk-in cooler.

· Waffle House, 95-A, 1820 Ga. Highway 138, Date: Jan. 16

Violations: Employee cooking at grill wearing a watch. Food service permit not posted. Dumpster doors not closed. Debris behind dumpster.

· Cater For All, 86-B, 1659 Centennial Olympic Parkway, Date: Jan. 17

Violations: Manager needs to be more aware of health consequences of knowledge of duties. Clean all food-contact surfaces. Properly label food not in original container. Properly store utensils. Properly store wipe cloths. Keep nonfood-contact surfaces clean. Clean and maintain physical facilities.

· Jamaica Paradise, 98-A, 1573 Ga. Highway 20 N.E., Date: Jan. 17

Violations: Post no-smoking signs. Repair or replace toilet.

The following food service establishment inspection reports were provided by the Environmental Health Division of the Newton County Health Department.

· Thomas' Country Buffet, 85-B, 4122 Emory St., Date: Jan. 11

Violations: Do not store items in handsink. Cooler drawer not operating. Clean upper flaps inside ice machine. Repair dishwasher. Repair flooring in kitchen. Must use three-compartment sink for dishes and utensils.

· Riverside Medical, 97-A, 5100 West St., Date: Jan. 14

Violations: Replace handle on sink faucet. Repair wall in dishwasher room.

· Newton County Law Enforcement, 99-A, 15151 Alcovy Road, Date: Jan. 15. Violations: Repair and repaint ceiling above ice machine.

· Campus Cafe, 91-A, 239 Cedar Lane, Date: Jan. 15

Violations: Breakfast items out of proper temperature.

· Blimpie's, 99-A, 2083 Crowell Road, Date: Jan. 16.

Violations: Clean up around dumpster area.

· McDonalds, 99-A, 2080-A Crowell Road, Date: Jan. 16.

Violations: Repair reach-in cooler. Repair hole in wall.

· Porterdale Bar & Grill, 96-A, 525 Broad St., Date: Jan. 17.

Violations: Label all cleaning bottles.

· Long John Silvers, 95-A, 3274 U.S. Highway 278, Date: Jan. 17.

Violations: Replace rusty screws in ice machine. Ice build-up in walk in freezer. Cooler needs maintenance. Blown light at vent hood.

· McIntosh Trail, 96-A, 7153 Turner Lake Road, Date: Jan. 18.

Violations: Replace missing cabinet and drawer knobs. Rodent droppings seen in cabinet - provide pest control report.

· Subway, 100-A, 10300 Industrial Blvd. Date: Jan. 22.

· Latte Da Coffee Shop, 88-B, 2100 Main St., Porterdale, Date: Jan. 23

Violations: Do not store items in handsink. Must use date marking for creamer in container. Date all potentially hazardous foods held in refrigerator after opening. Need thermometer in all coolers. Repair self-closer on restroom door.