Jack B. Simpson - The sky is falling

What's going on out there? Well, for one thing, the sky is falling! Yes, and not just because Chicken Little said so. Some officials with the National Security Council have warned us that a spy satellite has lost its power and in February or March will drop in on us somewhere here on earth.

Don't you hate the thought of being all snuggled up in your warm bed with the electric blanket on, when suddenly the house is crushed by a falling object from the sky described as about the size of a bus? It is a worry, but here in Rockdale County, we always have to be alert for one of those many airplanes flying over enroute to the Atlanta airport. When will one of them fail to make it?

We are told that government agencies are monitoring the situation. This is a comfort, isn't it? Weren't they monitoring the economy as well, and look where it is headed.

Someone suggested maybe we could protect ourselves from the falling satellite by firing a missile at it. Old combat soldiers know what happens when you shoot something out of the sky! Shrapnel and debris fall everywhere. It is a good idea when this happens to have a well-built foxhole handy.

In the immediate future, we must be concerned not only with a falling satellite, but with an approaching election, as well. Is anyone running who can be our guardian angel? Who can quiet our fears? Is there anyone who can keep the sky from falling?

People want a uniter and a healer. They want a leader who can manage and insist upon accountability. They aren't sure, even as the primaries approach, which candidate really has these qualities and which is only looking good because of the way promoters have packaged him or her. Everyone is tired of bickering and "gotcha" sound bites.

As we cover our heads these cold winter nights, our thoughts turn to the heavens. What is going to fall upon us next? Will the satellite hit an ocean, thus harming no one? Will the mark we make on our ballot keep hazardous material away from our door? Can all this talk by politicians keep the sky from falling?

Who among the candidates will emerge as the true voice of change with enough experience to make a profound difference in the lives of common folks? Who can keep the sky from falling on middle-class Americans. Falling satellites and politicians remain a mystery. Let us pray.

Jack Simpson is a former educator, veteran, author, and a law enforcement officer. His column appears each Sunday.