Newton Citizen Poll 2-9-08

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"I attended the spelling bee in Newton County last week and was quite appalled at how it was conducted. I was surprised at the unprofessional display of those in charge. Example 1: When a contestant asked for the origin of a word, after many minutes of fumbling through the dictionary, the judges could provide no origin. Then there was some confusion surrounding word pronunciation and the spelling of several words. This left many of the students in tears and confused themselves. And why was the location of the spelling bee moved to the extremely small board room from a large auditorium two years ago? The location of the spelling bee at the BOE is a logical location, but it is a little too cozy. It doesn't provide adequate seating for guests and space for the spellers."

"I wanted to say that I think it's pretty bad that Newborn's council all of a sudden wants to back out on the fire department deal. The county has put up a very nice fire station to cover their area. It is definitely wrong to get out now. It definitely does not show much for the integrity of the council. I always thought better of Mr. Cummings, but I guess he has proven to be just another politician .... I hope the guys at the fire station don't read the paper and think the town doesn't want them, but I bet they're better than that. Also, it has been proven time and time again the volunteer fire department just doesn't work anymore. It's hard to do anything with just one or two people. Come on, Mr. Cummings and council, stand up and do the right thing and quit making this little town look bad."

"I just received my latest Consumer Reports magazine and want to share some interesting information regarding our wonderful Charter cable. There is an article in the current magazine that compares and rates several well-known cable service providers. Guess where Charter is on the list. Here's the breakdown: For Internet service, Charter ranked last. For television service Charter ranked last. For long-distance phone service - you're right, dead last again. Out of the six 'big player' cable companies rated, Charter was at the bottom of the list. If it's any consolation, Comcast was next to the last! Way to go city fathers. Is this what you think the citizens of this county deserve? And to those of you who might suggest I try satellite - I've tried. Couldn't get a signal, darn it!"

"Well, this is a warning to Newton County residents and something to think about. I live in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. Over the last several weeks, at least 10 cars have either been stolen or dropped off here and another car stolen from my neighbors. Who's to blame? Not sure. Is it society in general? I don't think so. With an influx of people moving here to Newton County from everywhere, DeKalb County, you might have to ask yourself, 'Could this be part of the problem?' I believe so. I've lived here for 25 years and never would have thought I would have to lock my car up and disconnect the battery to keep my vehicle that I pay for in my possession. Is this comment racially motivated? Not in my opinion. You come to your own conclusion and lock your car."

"Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, all Americans should be proud and give thanks to the people who contacted the Newton Citizen in support of their property rights. I am in the process of buying my first house, and I certainly hope I will own it and not some branch of government as advocated by Doug Holt. It is scary to buy a house and know it is in control of a government for as long as you own it."

"This is in response to the caller who referred to the people at Pastor Lett's homeless shelter as 'bums.' This person has apparently never been to the shelter. Most of the residents there are young mothers with small children along with the disabled and elderly. These people are hardly 'bums,' and the far majority are local people. Many have well-respected relatives in Newton County, many of the women who come to the shelter have been 'beat up' by husbands or boyfriends. Many of the older residents are disabled and are waiting on Social Security or other disability payments to go into effect. Homeless are brought to the shelter by local law enforcement officers. Why does the caller think there are no homeless sleeping on the streets of Newton County? It is certainly not because of anything the Chamber of Commerce or government had done."

Commissioner Simmons and Henderson want a pay raise. How many work sessions have each of them missed completely or been tardy for? Does the county deduct pay for missed meetings? This is your taxpayer money citizens, I think it is time for some answers. Second point: Why do they continue not voting on issues? That is no way to represent their districts.

I take exception to Joel Griffin's characterizing a 60-year-old man who was injured while repairing a tractor as elderly. Eighty is elderly, 60 is older, if you wish - or middle aged. Joel must be quite young.

Editor's Note: We certainly meant no disrespect with our choice of words. Age can be one of those relativistic descriptions that takes on a different meaning depending on where your point of view lies. In Joel's defense, depending on which dictionary you read, middle age can be described as being from age 40 to age 60. With that in mind, you'll have to admit that he was dealing with a bit of a gray area - if you'll pardon the pun. Perhaps next time we'll refer to a 60-year-old as being "juvenescently challenged."

I just finished the story about Mr. Clark trying to open a business in Covington, and once the building department, planning commission, city council, everybody pretty much doing what they want to do, I really will be anxious to see what becomes of this civic center, this hotel and where everyone is going to park for this 1,200-seat arena. Wonder if they will ever have any comedy shows at that civic center. Just a question.

Why is it that our county commissioners can come around to politic, then you never see them again anymore after they get your vote. There needs to be someone to ride the county and look at people's yards. Some look like a county dump with trash, wood, etc. thrown everywhere. These are not old people but young people that are able to take care of their yards. It makes us look like we live in a storm area. Have code enforcement make them clean up their mess.

Kudos to the woman on Oxford Road for having the guts to put up a sign exposing her child's father as a deadbeat. Out of curiosity, I stopped and questioned this mom - her child's father is $8,000 behind. She has tried everything to get up to pay child support. He was actually locked up and released immediately without paying anything. These deadbeat fathers are not hurting their exes, they are hurting their children. All deadbeat fathers should be forcibly sterilized or castrated. God bless all single moms and their children.

I am so tired of hearing everybody complain, complain, complain about our board of commissioners and our chairman of Newton County. I know most of these men personally, and I work for them, and they are wonderful guys. Yeah, they are the "good old boys," but not in a negative sense. They are the "good old boys" that run our county, and that's what they are is "good old boys," and that is a positive note, not a negative note. If you can't stand them so much, and obviously there are a bunch of y'all, then get out and vote or shut up.