Health Reports 2-5-08

The following food service establishment inspection reports were provided by the Environmental Health Division of the Rockdale County Health Department. As of Dec. 1, the Environmental Health Division implemented new regulations that include both a letter grade and numeric score. The current form, along with the two most recent inspection reports, must be visibly posted within 15 feet of the establishment's main entrance and drive-thru windows.

· Waffle House, 70-C, 2021 Salem Road, Date: Jan. 11

Violations: Produce in front cooler deteriorating. Hamburger patties uncovered in freezer. Bottom of reach-in cooler soiled. Provide thermometers in coolers. Current permit not posted. Hamburger patties and chicken held at improper temperatures in reach-in coolers. Products need to be properly marked with date and time.

· Waffle House - RECHECK, 77-C, 2021 Salem Road, Date: Jan. 15

Violations: Ham and sliced tomatoes on sandwich board held at improper temperature. Food items not in original container not labeled. No thermometer in cooler by grill. Employee cooking at grill wearing unapproved jewelry. No food service permit posted. Out-of-date buttermilk in cooler.

· Waffle House, 72-C, 1420 Ga. Highway 138, Date: Jan. 11

Violations: Employee handling soiled dishes and then delivering food to customers without washing hands and wearing no gloves. Bottom of reach-in cooler soiled. Wiping cloths not stored in sanitized solution. Food service permit not posted. Cold-hold foods at improper temperature. Expired chocolate milk in cooler for customer service. Ice scoop stored with handle in ice. No covered trash container in ladies' restroom.

· Waffle House - RECHECK, 97-A, 1420 Ga. Highway 138, Date: Jan. 22

Violations: Food product not in original containers not labeled.

· Dairy Queen of Conyers, 85-B, 1235 Dogwood Drive, Date: Jan. 14

Violations: Slicer soiled, thermometers needed in cooler units. Nonapproved jewelry worn by employees. Permit and inspection report not posted properly. Need to date and mark product.

· Honey Creek Country Club, 85-B, 635 Clubhouse Drive, Date: Jan. 15

Violations: Manager needs to be more aware of health consequences of knowledge of duties. Need to keep food items separated and protected. Clean all surfaces. Maintain and clean physical facilities.