Letter - Response to "teacher deserves more support"

To the editor:

In response to the "teacher deserves more support" letter, please understand the author has hinged his arguments on ifs. He asserts, "If Shawn Geiger did do something wrong, then the consequences were just." The author must admit that he is not privy to all of the evidence in this case. Thankfully, at least one school administrator will stand up for what is right, unlike other administrators who have dismissed the complaints, treating Geiger like a frat boy down the hall.

Later, Mr. Elder asserts that "What the superintendent did to Mr. Geiger was wrong." Please understand that this statement is not supported with any fact, and assumes to have resolved the 'If/Then' statement made previously.

In response to the statement saying "The stories being told by one parent and child," we must imagine how difficult it has been for someone to come forward, and stand up for decent behavior standards for our teachers. Do you think it would have gone this far had there been no evidence to support it? In fact, the "holes" the author says are in the story is because some people fear standing up for what is right for fear of rocking the boat. It is also King's duty to 'give support to the citizens of Rockdale!'

Let's underscore the author's statement, "If (he) did do something wrong, then the consequences were just." I have a daughter on the Salem HS marching band, as well, and can tell you that the complaints are longstanding. The author asks us to ask ourselves "Why did the parent not go through the proper chain to resolve this?" I must ask the author, "How do you think it got this far? How can you assert that they did not?" They did and were ignored and insulted. Elder calls King the "Captain" in his letter, and he is asking King to do precisely what has gotten us into this mess already: to ignore unethical behavior with administrative neglect, cajoling, and cover-up.

The Citizen was tipped off about this nifty behavior at Salem HS after school officials rebuffed parents. When our leaders stop listening, our next defense is the media.

Vicki Fair