Top stories of 2008: Oxford College gets national attention from zebra prank; owners lose animal

OXFORD - A prank at Oxford College that lasted only a few hours will leave a legacy at the school for years to come.

One early morning in late April, soon before the school let out for summer break, staff members discovered a zebra named Barcode on the top floor of Seney Hall.

The zebra was found to belong to Oxford residents Curtis and Sherry Jackson. It was assumed the zebra visit was the result of students stealing the animal from its nearby pen to use as a copycat school prank. In the '60s, students at the school put a cow on the third floor of the building.

Students raised money to help repair the $10,000 in damages caused by zebra, and they still remember the day they skipped class to watch the zebra be taken down from the third floor and to talk to news crews all over the campus.

The culprits were never identified, but Barcode suffered the consequences of the prank and was shipped off earlier this month to a zoo in the Midwest as a result of his owners failing to obtain a proper permit with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Crystal Tatum contributed to this article.

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