Newton Citizen Poll 12/27/2008

"As I looked at the Newton Citizen Web site this morning, 12/21/08, I couldn't help but notice that two articles mentioned on the front page of the paper were items about something in Conyers. I wonder how much of the Newton County news items make it into the Rockdale Citizen at any one time? I don't see it very often! I'm not saying don't print Rockdale news items in the Newton Citizen, I'm just saying I don't feel they should be on the front page of the paper for our county. With everything that goes on in our county, that should be priority for the front page ... Rockdale news should go inside the paper, not on the front page ... after all, it is called the Newton Citizen."

Editor's note: The Newton Citizen is published five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday; the Rockdale Citizen is published six days a week, Tuesday through Sunday. Newton Citizen subscribers get the Sunday Rockdale Citizen as part of their subscription package, but the Sunday paper is actually the Rockdale Citizen, which is why the edition you were viewing online was more Rockdale oriented.

"I worked this season for the Salvation Army as a bell ringer and I'd like to say a huge 'Thank You' to all who gave from the couple of pennies (which seemed to embarrass those that only had that little to give), to the hundreds! Just think if every person that walked through the door of Wal-Mart or Kroger gave just 1 penny, what an impact that would have to the needy. I realize times are tough for everyone, but I felt compelled to say thanks, I really enjoyed meeting and greeting each of you and wishing you a merry Christmas. All we hear is bad stuff in the news; for once I'm glad I could submit something nice! For the most part everyone was very kind and receptive to me. I hope I put a smile on at least one person's face this year. Again, thanks to all who dug deep to give. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!"

"The reason that Newton Medical Center has wait times of six hours in their Emergency Room is because people are using it as a doctor's office. I recently experienced that when my father had a true emergency, congestive heart failure, and his doctor told him to report to the Emergency Room. Maybe people need to find a doctor or other clinic and use the Emergency Room for true emergencies."

"Someone last week gave the example of a friend who paid $200,000 in property taxes last year on a small shopping center and convenience store. For purposes of illustration, here are a few facts to put that in perspective. According to data provided by the county Tax Office, such bill means this property has a fair market value of $12.6 million. And, assuming this property is in the city of Covington, $41,144 of the total $200,000 tax bill went to the city of Covington. The remainder was allocated $96,387 to the Newton County School Board; $48,821 to Newton County, (plus another $4,114 for Fire, $2,258 for Ambulance, and $6,021 for Hospital); and $1,254 to the state of Georgia. As these figures show, our commercial and industrial neighbors make a substantial contribution to our schools, our county, our city, and our public health and safety. (And, we should thank them whenever possible with our patronage.) Numerous studies by university researchers have proven commercial and industrial properties contribute more to a community than it costs to service these businesses. By contrast, residential property consumes more services than the tax revenues generated. This fact - plus the crucial element of job creation - is why our county and city leaders must make every effort to attract and retain businesses in our community."

"I am answering to the article in Dec. 20 paper regarding the child care and beauty shop in the home. If anyone has ever had a child care center with six to eight kids going in and out of the driveway from 5:30 to 6:30 at night 40 feet from their house, then they will understand why that shouldn't be allowed in a residential family neighborhood."

"I was calling about the phone call comment regarding about Georgia's record of beating Tech seven years in a row. If you want to quote past records go on back and you will find out Tech has beaten Georgia more than seven years in a row."

"If Darrell Huckaby is an educator, lord help us all."

"I was wondering who in their right mind decided it would be a good idea to name the new elementary school Barack Obama Elementary. I understand that he is the first African American president, but he is not even president. He has done nothing. He was a freshman senator who wasn't even in the Senate for most of his term. If you remember, he just spent a year and a half campaigning, not even doing his job in the Senate. Why would we name this school after a person who has done absolutely nothing but get elected to office?"